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10 Best Seaside Photography Spots in the UK

Posted on 22nd June 2022 by

The UK has thousands of miles of coastline complete with gorgeous scenery, idyllic villages and charming beaches just waiting to be explored and photographed. Need some inspiration? Here are some of o…

20 Essential Tips for Bird Photography

Posted on 14th June 2022 by

Photographing birds in their natural habitat can be extremely rewarding. We’ve lined up 20 essential tips for bird photography, from equipment and camera settings to composition, light and perspective…

Father - A Photographic Series by Eoin Carey

Posted on 12th June 2022 by

In honour of Father’s Day this year, we’re featuring Father; an ongoing photographic series by Irish photographer Eoin Carey. The idea for the project was born after he had his own daughter, nearly si…