10 Photography Courses for 2022

Marianne Stenger
17th January 2022

Whether you’re a professional photographer or are just starting out, courses and workshops are always a good way to learn new techniques and create different types of photographs that you wouldn't necessarily have tried on your own. 

Not sure where to begin? We’ve lined up some of the best photography courses and workshops for 2022, from private and group classes to online courses and one-day photography workshops.

1. London School of Photography

The London School of Photography has a range of courses for professional photographers, both full and part time. This includes Level 1 & 2 daytime or evening workshops, as well as specific technical courses designed to help photographers hone their Photoshop skills. Course start dates run throughout the first half of the year until August, so you can choose the timeframe that best suits you.

2. Photofusion

Photofusion is an excellent source for analogue-based courses and workshops. There are courses geared towards beginners, as well as some for more advanced photographers. Topics include large format portraiture photography, darkroom & alternative printing, as well as professional development for photographers looking to explore different options and tackle new challenges. One-to-one and small group training is also available.

3. The Photographers Gallery

The Photographers Gallery delivers activities, seasonal workshops and talks, as well as portfolio reviews for photographers of all ages and skill levels. Its courses and weekend workshops cover a range of subjects, genres and practices, from documentary and street photography to the development of gallery practices.

4. Street Photography International 

Street Photography International is a great resource for anyone looking to gain confidence and learn more about this genre of photography, while benefiting from the knowledge and experience of respected street photographers. It hosts workshops in and around London and covers many aspects of street photography, from composition to overcoming the fear of interacting with and photographing strangers.

5. Matthew Maran Photography 

Matthew Maran is an award winning landscape and wildlife photographer whose images have been published in The Guardian, BBC Wildlife and National Geographic Magazine, among others. He runs monthly group workshops on Hampstead Heath with the aim of encouraging photographers to engage with nature through photography, while also exploring themes and ideas with an end product, such as a photobook, in mind.

6. Street snappers

Street Snappers runs online masterclasses as well as in-person workshops led by professional street photographers throughout the UK as well as European cities like Paris, Venice and Lisbon. Photographers will learn to create meaningful images, understand the aesthetic of street photography as well as how to shoot quickly and unobtrusively, all while developing their own style of photography.

7. Institute of Photography

The Professional Diploma in Photography offered by the Institute of Photography is designed to help students develop their skills and reach an industry-ready level. It covers a variety of topics, including understanding depth of field, controlling light with apertures, mastering shutter speeds, and using light effectively. 

8. Photoion

Photoion offers photography courses in central London and covers a range of topics, from black and white photography to long exposure to nude art photography. The Advanced Photography Course is an excellent all-around course designed to help photographers step up their game and become proficient in camera settings, light, lenses, flash, and much more. 

9. Marianne Chua Flash Workshops

Marianne Chua is an official Fujifilm X-Photographer covering weddings, events and family photography in and around London. She launched her own flash photography workshops after discovering that many women in her photography group struggled with flash but were intimidated by the idea of attending a workshop. Her course is geared towards wedding photographers and covers all things flash related. It can be booked by groups of ten friends together or you can join one of the scheduled workshops hosted in Central London. 

10. Bright Rooms

Based in Peckham, London, Bright Rooms hosts private analogue workshops for photographers interested in learning about B&W film developing, darkroom printing or 35mm and medium format camera use. Workshops can be booked one-to-one or for small groups of up to four, and can be arranged for a date and time that suits you. 


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