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10 Photography Podcasts You Should Tune Into this Year

Marianne Stenger
27th February 2019

Podcasts make for excellent listening whether you’re cleaning the house, preparing a meal, commuting or travelling, waiting in line, or any of the other routine things we do on a daily basis. When you’re learning or honing a specific skill like photography, podcasts can be even more useful, because they allow you to take your learning with you wherever you go.

So if you’d like to use those spare minutes throughout the week to learn specific photography techniques, stay up to date on the latest trends and equipment, or just get inspired to shoot, here are the top ten photography podcasts to add to your library.

1. PhotobizX

PhotobizX is a great podcast for photographers who want to better understand the business side of things. The podcast is hosted by professional wedding and portrait photographer Andrew Hellmich from New South Wales, Australia.

Hellmich says he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for the advice he received from more experienced photographers, and this is what led him to start his own podcast. The series aims to help photographers turn their passion into a successful career, and features interviews with photography experts who provide actionable advice on running a photography business.

2. The Photo Podcast Network

The Photo Podcast Network (PPN) has something for everyone, with reviews, news, and inspiration. It’s run by photography veterans Marco Larousse and Scott Bourne. Marco is a fine art, documentary and street photographer as well as editorial journalist and author. Scott is a thought leader and wildlife photographer who specialises in photographing birds.

Their goal is to provide photographers all over the world with thought-provoking and informative interviews and news, and they release four new episodes each month.

3. The Beginner Photography Podcast

As the name suggests, The Beginner Photography Podcast is aimed specifically at new photographers who are looking for guidance on things such as what gear to buy, how to tell stories through photography, and just general information on different types of photography.

The podcast is hosted by Indianapolis-based wedding photographer Raymond Hatfield. Each episode features an interview with a professional photographer who shares his or her thoughts and advice on everything from imposter syndrome to specific tips on things such as photographing newborns, posing couples, or how to implement a social media strategy.

4. The Digital Story

The Digital Story is a podcast run by professional photographer and author Derrick Story. Although most episodes focus on the latest photography gear and emerging technology, on occasion he also covers other topics like photography and copyright, content creation and how to grow your career as a photographer.

5. Pro Photographer Journey

The Pro Photographer Journey is a podcast geared towards working professionals who are looking for tips and advice on how to manage and grow their business. It’s hosted by Chamira Young, a photographer and self-confessed Photoshop geek who loves all things related to creativity and productivity.

In each episode, Chamira interviews a new photographer on topics such as how they got started, how they market themselves and build relationships, as well as what challenges they have faced along.

6. Photography Tips from the Top Floor

Photography Tips from the Top Floor is a weekly podcast that covers a wide range of topics related to photography, from creativity or lack thereof to high speed photography and more. The show is hosted by Chris Marquardt, an author, educator and professional travel photographer who runs workshops and photo tours all over the world, from the Himalayas to the Arctic.

The podcast makes for great listening whether you’re a beginner or a pro. If you have a specific question you’d like Chris to address in his podcast, you can even record and email him a voice message to get some tailor-made advice in a future episode.

7. The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast is great for any photographer looking to learn and be inspired. As the name suggests, the show’s host is professional photographer Martin Bailey who also leads photography workshops and tours in Japan, Canada, the UK, and beyond.

The podcast covers technical topics and gear reviews, but also delves into art and creativity, interviews, and even travelogues. Subscribers can also record and send in their own questions, which Martin will then try to answer during one of his related episodes.

8. The Six Figure Photography Podcast

The Six Figure Photography Podcast is aimed at photographers looking to build up or grow their photography business. It’s hosted by award-winning international wedding photographer Ben Hartley. He says he built his own six figure business in just two years and wants to help other photographers learn the tricks of the trade.

Each episode covers a different marketing or business-related topic, such as branding, understanding sales conversations, using social media, and more.

9. The Togast Photography Podcast

The Togast Photography Podcast is a UK-based podcast where photographers can find gear reviews as well as interviews with some of the top photographers in their field. It’s hosted by Sam Gregory and Paul Sanders who are both professional landscape and fine art photographers.

Their aim is to engage, inspire and support photographers with informative photography-related content, and each episode covers a different topic, ranging from tips on how to find new photography locations to insights on digital file management and social media pressures.  

10. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is a website and YouTube channel featuring photography-related videos, but it has recently also launched its own podcast for those who want to learn and be inspired while listening rather than watching.

The podcast is called Off Camera and is hosted by professional photographers and video makers Ted Forbes and Jared Schneider, who discuss everything from composition to cameras and lenses.