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10 photos that will instantly make you want to visit Namibia

19th October 2016

Swathes of undulating dunes as far as the eye can see, watering holes teeming with wildlife and night skies studded with shimmering stars, Namibia is a burnt-orange paradise for wildlife and nature lovers, landscape photographers and thrill-seekers alike. Four times the size of the UK but with just a fraction of its population, Namibia has plenty of space for a wilderness adventure!

Walk on the sands of time

Grab a front row seat for the high-octane drama

Fall asleep under a blanket of stars

And wake up to the views likes this (Fish River Canyon)

Follow in the footsteps of experts

Watch wandering desert elephants

Explore wide open spaces

Meet some interesting locals at the 24-hour watering hole

Take some time to reflect

Enjoy wildlife encounters head and shoulders above the rest

Ready to visit Namibia now? Thought so!