5 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

Marianne Stenger
6th January 2020

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun, and whether you love it or hate it there’s certainly no ignoring this holiday devoted to hearts, flowers and chocolate. 

Soon, lovers and hopeful romantics all over the country will be scrambling to find the perfect Valentine gifts for her or him, but in the meantime, we’ve lined up some fun facts about Valentine’s Day to get you in the mood for a bit of romance. 

1. Cadbury’s is responsible for Valentine’s Day chocolate

The heart-shaped box of chocolates is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but it wasn’t always that way. In the 1850s, a Brit named Richard Cadbury whose family manufactured drinking chocolate had the idea to use the cocoa butter that was extracted in the process of making the drinking chocolate to create little bite-sized “eating chocolates.” 

He began packaging them in fancy heart-shaped boxes with paintings or rosebuds on them, which meant that even once the chocolates had been eaten, people still had a lovely box they could keep mementos or letters in. 

2. Pets receive Valentine’s Day gifts too 

Lovers aren’t the only ones who will be exchanging gifts this Valentine’s Day, as according to a survey by The National Retail Federation, pet owners in America spend around 700 million dollars on Valentine’s Day each year to show their beloved four-footers they care. 

Popular pet Valentine’s Day gifts include heart-shaped treats and dog perfume as well as snugly pet coats, hats and hoodies.  

3. It’s the second most popular holiday for greeting cards 

Although Christmas is still the most popular time of year to send out cards to friends and loved ones, Valentine’s Day is now the second most popular holiday for greeting cards, with more than 145 million sold each year around February 14. 

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4. Men spend more than women on Valentine’s Day 

A recent Valentine’s Day survey shows that while millennial men and women tend to spend more money on Valentine gifts for her or him than those in other age groups, men are prepared to spend nearly twice as much on flowers, candies and romantic dinners out than women. 

The men surveyed said they planned to spend an average of £304 on their Valentine’s Day celebrations, whereas their female counterparts expected to spend around £161. 

5. February 14 isn’t just for lovers

Although February 14 is most famous for being the day when couples celebrate their love or new lovers reveal their true feelings, in Finland, the date marks the celebration of friendship rather than romance. 

Instead of Valentine’s Day, Finns celebrate “Ystavanpaiva” or “Friendship Day,” and everyone from colleagues and neighbours to close friends and sweethearts will exchange cards, flowers and other small tokens of appreciation.

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