5 Gifts you could make for Mum this Mother's Day

Bob Books
1st March 2020

Mother's Day is a celebration of the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and mothers within society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, and recognised as an important event within the annual calendar.

Need some gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year? Photos make the best presents, because they’re always personal and unique. So here are some ideas for transforming your favourite photographs into a memorable Mother’s Day gift.

1. Personalised Photobook

Make a personalised photo book full of your favourite memories of you and your mum. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to reminisce on all the adventures you’ve had together so far.

2. Wall Art

Mums love art, but they love it even more when it’s your own! Even if all you have is one of your finger paints from when you were little hanging around, it’s still a piece of art your mum would be proud to have hanging on her wall. Better still, you could use one of the many photographs you have together.

3. Calendar

The organiser of the house needs to be in full control of what everyone is doing, so why not make mum a calendar which she’ll treasure? It will be that much more special, because not only did you make it for her, but it includes photographs of your family with a new image each month. 

4. Poster

Posters can be an easy and affordable way to make something unique to display around the house, whether it’s one of your own creations or a lovely photograph with one of your mum’s favourite quotes.

5. Photo card

Get your mum the best card of all – one with your face on it. Our photo cards are a great way to go that extra mile for your mum and design her a personalised photo card. Bob Books photo cards are fully customisable so you can edit the image and add in your own text. 

For more gift ideas that can be personalised with your own photographs, check out our Personalised Gift Guide. If you’re ready to get creative, visit our products page to start designing your own Bob Books photo book, calendar or wall art.