5 Ideas for Creating an Autumn-Themed Photo Book

Marianne Stenger
23rd October 2018

There’s no need to feel melancholy about summer coming to an end, because autumn is a wonderful time for photography. The vibrant colours of the falling leaves combined with the lower light casting long shadows can make for some captivating scenes and add a lot of character to your photos.

Because of this, autumn is also an ideal time of year for pet photography, couples portraits, family portraits, and other outdoor photography shoots.

So if you plan to explore the outdoors with your camera as much as possible in the coming months, why not turn some of your favourite images into an autumn-themed photo book that showcases your best work and celebrates the season? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Emphasise the contrasting colours

When you’re selecting images to include in your autumn photo book, look for those that emphasise the rich autumn colours and foliage. Forests are always good places to see these contrasting colours, but even if you live in a city, you can find signs of autumn in the trees lining the roads and even the shop displays that inevitably change to showcase autumn colours.

If you’re planning an autumn-themed family photo shoot, you can also emphasise the season’s vibrant colours by selecting scarves, hats, and other accessories in different shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow.

2. Include images of autumn wildlife

If you live near any parks or forests, another way to emphasise changing of the season is to photograph the wild animals as they prepare for the long winter ahead.

Capturing images of wildlife like foxes and deer can be thrilling, of course, but even in a city park you’ll have ample opportunity to photograph squirrels and birds as they stock up on nuts and seeds, or maybe even a spider building its web against a stunning autumn backdrop.

3. Think outside the box

When you think of autumn-themed photography, the first things that will come to mind will likely be falling leaves and colourful nature scenes. Obviously, this is a big part of autumn, but we experience autumn in other ways too, from seeing the city shrouded in fog when we get up early for work, to sipping a steaming hot drink after a stroll in the crisp autumn air.

So think outside the box and look for interesting ways to highlight these autumn details, whether that means visiting open air markets where you can photograph autumnal street food, photographing seasonal celebrations like Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, or capturing the autumn colours and textures with macro photography.

4. Include a mix of landscape images and portraits

Since autumn is a wonderful time for both landscape and portrait photography, it can be nice to include both types of images in your autumn photo book. For example, you could include a two-page spread of a gorgeous autumn scene in your local park or forest, and then follow it up with a portrait of your family posing in their fluffy hats and scarves, or a series of photos that feature your kids playing in the piles of fallen leaves.

5. Include some autumn-related quotes

Another fun idea for an autumn-themed photo book is to include some quotes about the season throughout the book. This can make it more interesting to flip through, as it will give the viewer something to reflect on as they take in each gorgeous photo.

Plenty of famous authors and poets have written about autumn, so if you want to find some inspiring quotes or poems to include, have a little browse on a website like Goodreads where you can use tags to find quotes related to autumn, nature, and the changing seasons.

Looking for more ideas for your autumn photography walks? These autumn photography tips will inspire you get outside with your camera as often as you can in the coming months.