5 Reasons Photo Books Make the Best Gifts

Marianne Stenger
17th September 2018

With close to two billion photos being uploaded to sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram every day, it’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with taking and sharing photos. So what better gift to give your loved ones to mark a special occasion than a book filled with meaningful photos?

If you’re still debating whether or not you should gift someone a photo book, here are a few reasons why photo books make the best gifts for any occasion.

1. Photo books are Personal and Original

Unlike gift vouchers, flowers or a bottle of wine, a photo book isn’t the type of generic item you would give to just anyone. So if you want to show someone you care while also ensuring you don’t inadvertently turn up with the same gift as someone else, creating a personalised photo book is a good way to make sure your gift will stand out.

2. They’re more thoughtful

Gifting a custom made photo book shows the recipient that you put a lot of thought into the occasion and worked hard to make them something special. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other special holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, a personalised photo book is an excellent way to make sure that your nearest and dearest know just how much they mean to you.

3. Photo books let you relive happy memories

We all love being reminded of good times, and photo books can be a great way to relive happy memories with your loved ones. For example, if you’re creating a photo book as an anniversary present for your other half, you could include photos of your couple milestones, such as the first selfie you ever took together or the first holiday you went on as a couple. If it’s a birthday gift for a sibling or parent, you could include photos of family outings and other shared experiences. 

4. They can be simple or as creative as you want

The great thing about designing your own photo book to give away is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. If design isn’t really your thing or you’re pressed for time, you can use our IOS app with its pre-set layouts. On the other hand, if you want more freedom to do your own thing, you can use Adobe InDesign and take full creative control of your project.

5. Photo books stand the test of time

Most popular gift items will eventually be used up or get worn out. Photo books, on the other hand, will stand the test of time and are guaranteed to be a lot of fun to flip through years down the line. They might even be passed on to future generations, so if you’re looking for a gift that won’t soon be forgotten, photo books are the way to go.

Need some inspiration or guidance before you get started? Check out this article for some of the things you should keep in mind when designing a photo book, as well as more specific advice on how to Design a Holiday Photo Book and Wedding Photo Book.