5 Reasons to Choose a Camping Holiday

10th July 2018

Going abroad isn’t the only option if you want to have a truly memorable holiday. While it’s always amazing to leave the country and experience a different culture, it’s not always practical or affordable to get away. Camping can be an excellent way to come together as a family or group of friends, save money, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. The UK is full of incredible destinations including Cornwall, Sussex, Scotland and Wales and each of these offer beautiful coasts, dramatic landscape and unforgettable settings.

Here are 5 reasons to ditch the passports and choose a tent for your next retreat.

1. It’s character building

No, really, we’re being serious. Whether it’s collecting firewood, spending the afternoon wild swimming or helping clean out the pots and pans in the stream, camping takes us back to a very different way of living. Stripping back to basics, it re-affirms how incredibly lucky we are to have water on tap and clean dry socks in the cupboard. It’ll make you realise how capable you really are the next time you grumble over how long the kettle is taking!

2. Get back to Mother Nature

The natural world is so unbelievable. Whether it’s mountains, forests, coastlines or lakes, the UK has it all. We take it for granted but there really are the most amazing landscapes right on our doorstep. Being surrounded by trees and grass, rolling hills or being by the sea often has a positive impact and perhaps you’ll come back with a different perspective on things. Leaving the city can often quiet the mind and enjoying a babbling stream or birdsong can give you a new sense of clarity.

3. It's kind on your wallet

Camping is a truly affordable way to take a break. You can spend minimal amounts on travel (trains can be booked in advance if you don't have a car), you'll be preparing most of your own food, and most of your activities are free! Think walking, swimming, playing scrabble… if you plan it right, you can indulge in amazing food and the odd comfort (think gas-stove fire or even hiring a more luxurious tent), but these costs are nothing compared with what you spend on a trip abroad.


4. Quality time without technology

We know you’ve heard it before, but it really is so important to switch off. We’re all addicted to our phones, iPads, laptops and TV’s. This has been proven to contribute towards headaches, lethargy and a general state of anxiousness in the modern world, so what better way to counteract this than by boycotting technology for a few days. We know a lot of parents are desperate for their children to have a break from gadgets, and camping is a wonderful excuse to get them interacting on a different level. We guarantee you’ll all feel completely different by the time you return home.

5. It's sociable

Camping sites are famously friendly. Whether you’re a couple looking to make friends or have kids that want to mingle, there’s a real sense of community at campsites- whether you want to borrow some sugar or all pitch in over a meal. You can relax about bringing lots of games and entertainment for the children and instead rely on them bonding with other kids building sandcastles or running around in nature.