5 Ways to Use Your Photos this Valentine’s Day

Marianne Stenger
1st January 2019

Valentine’s Day is a holiday devoted to hearts, flowers and declarations of love, which is why every February lovers all over the UK collectively spend millions of pounds on gifts, dining out and other special activities for Valentine’s Day.

Some of the most popular gifts for the occasion include chocolates and flowers. But if you’d like to give your other half something a bit more memorable this year, here are a few ideas for using your favourite photos to create a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

1. Print and frame your favourite couple’s photo

If you’ve ever done a couple’s photo shoot or have a photo of the two of you that you love to look at, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to have it printed out and framed. Before you make a final decision about the photo you want to print, however, make sure the image resolution is adequate for the desired size of the final print.

2. Turn your best photos into wall art

If printing and framing the photo seems too basic, you can take the idea a step further and turn your best couple photos into wall art. With Bob Books you can have your photos printed onto foam board and canvas or even have them turned into glossy photographic posters of all sizes.

3. Create a romantic photo calendar

Another beautiful way to turn your photos into a gift is to design your very own romantic photo calendar that can be used all year long. All you’ll need to do is find a photo to match each month of the year or just compile twelve photos that make you smile. Once you’ve selected the photos you want to use, the Bob Designer Software or Online Calendar Creator will make it easy for you import your photos and find a layout you’re happy with.

4. Share your love story with a photo book

If you’ve got more fun couple photos than you know what to do with, it might be time to put them to good use in a photo book that documents your love story. You can start the book with some of your earliest memories and photos from when you were just getting to know each other and then work your way forward including big milestones such as your first holiday together.

5. Make your own Valentine’s Day quote book

A Valentine’s Day-themed photo book that features photos of you and your significant other alongside quotes or poems about love or relationships can also make a great gift. Start by selecting some of your favourite photos and then find funny, heartfelt or romantic poems and quotes to include by searching sites like Goodreads or Brainy Quotes.

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