6 Talented Women Working in Photography

Marianne Stenger
14th March 2017

We recently highlighted five famous female photographers who are making their mark on the industry. But since there are so many amazing women working in photography, we decided to line up a few of the talented female photographers in the UK whose work may not be as widely known.

From lifestyle and fashion to travel photographers, here are six talented women whose work is well worth getting acquainted with.

1. Ashley Baxter

Ashley Baxter is a natural light and portrait photographer based in Glasgow. Although she primarily photographs weddings, she also loves capturing everyday life through candid photographs and has a knack for turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary images.

Much of her stunning work can be viewed at her blog Girl With a Camera, but you can also find her on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter or check out her incredibly diverse online portfolio.

2 & 3 Jessie Simmons and Samantha Jell

Stylist Samantha Jell and Photographer Jessie Simmons are the founders of Light Project, a creative still life photo studio based in Ladbroke Grove.  Although they’ve known each other and worked together for around five years, they came up with the idea for Light Project in 2015 and decided to go into business together.

Since Light Project’s inception in January 2016, Samantha and Jessie, along with Bill Murray the lovable studio dog, have produced countless gorgeous still life images featuring everything from homeware to food. You can follow their work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or visit the Light Project blog to get the inside scoop on their latest projects.

4. Sophie in the Sticks

Sophie is a photographer and blogger who lives in rural Norfolk. She’s the creator of the lifestyle blog Sophie in the Sticks, and was chosen as one of the individual finalists in the 2017 UK Blog Awards.

Her photography combines two of her biggest passions; nature and fashion.  The blog showcases some of the nature photos she takes during her long walks through the countryside, and also provides insights into seasonal fashion trends and fun tips and ideas for dressing for the season. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

5. Jamie Armstrong

Travel blogger and photographer Jamie Armstrong created her blog The Hopelessly Nomadic in 2014 to document her travels. She has since travelled through Europe, Africa and South America, and through her striking photography, she provides a glimpse into the places she visits, the food she samples and the people she meets along the way.

You can keep up with her adventures on Instagram or Twitter and of course, directly through her blog, which was shortlisted as one of the finalists in the 2017 UK Blog Awards.

6. Valentina Balgavi

Valentina Balgavi is a fashion photographer and blogger based in London. She fell in love with photography after receiving her first DSLR as a birthday present seven years ago. Her blog World Through the Camera, which is another finalist in the 2017 UK Blog Awards, aims to provide both models and photographers with advice on working in the fashion industry.

She covers everything from working with modelling agencies to making a photography contract, and of course, shares plenty of her gorgeous photography too. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter or check out her professional portfolio here