7 Christmas Decorating Ideas to Try At Home

Marianne Stenger
2nd December 2019

It’s finally that time of year again when we get to transform our homes into miniature Christmas wonderlands filled with twinkling lights, festive accent pieces, and family memorabilia.

As if we needed any more reasons to bring out our Christmas decorations, research shows that people who begin their Christmas celebrations early are generally happier. Psychologists speculate that that the nostalgia associated with festive decorations reminds us of simpler times when we were kids and had less stress and fewer responsibilities to deal with.

So if you’re feeling the festive spirit but aren’t sure where to begin with your decorating, give some of the following Christmas decorating ideas a try. 

1. Start by decluttering

Before bringing anything new into your home, it’s always a good idea to spend some time clearing away all the clutter you’ve undoubtedly accumulated over the past year. This will help you free up space for your Christmas decorations, as well as all the gifts you’re likely to receive over the holidays.

Start by going from room to room and gathering knick knacks that seem out of place. Don’t forget to check your cupboards items you haven’t used in more than a couple of months. Next, take stock of each item. If it’s something you think you’ll enjoy using again when spring or summer rolls around, put it into storage. If not, see if you can donate it to goodwill or recycle it in some other way.

2. Choose a colour scheme

The best way to prevent your home from looking like Christmas exploded there is to decide on a colour scheme early on so you can choose decorative accessories that go well together.

The traditional Christmas colours are of course red and green, but there are other colour schemes you can opt for, like silver and grey or purple and white, that are a bit more modern but still festive. When choosing a colour scheme, keep your home’s day-to-day décor in mind so you can select items and colours that complement the curtains, sofa and rugs you already have.

3. Create some seasonal wall art

Creating seasonal wall art can be a lovely way to breathe some fresh life into your home décor while also celebrating your family highlights or displaying some of your best winter landscape photographs. With Bob Books’ beautiful range of canvasses, gallery mounts and framed posters, creating your own personalised wall art for Christmas couldn’t be easier. Want to shoot some family photos for this specific purpose? Be sure to check out these tips for planning a successful family photo shoot during the winter months.

4. Keep it minimalistic

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, it’s usually better to scale back a bit and invest in a few quality decorations such as centrepieces, wreaths and seasonal wall art than to go overboard with lots of little knickknacks like snow globes, figurines or tinsel. If you’re not sure what look you’re going for, Pinterest is great for gathering Christmas décor ideas. 

5. Make a year in review coffee table photo book

Since you’ll be spending more time relaxing at home and entertaining guests over the holidays, it’s the perfect time to create and enjoy a personalised coffee table photo book featuring some of your favourite memories from the past year. The Bob Books lay-flat bound photobooks are perfect for this purpose, and are printed on premium quality photo paper that’s designed to bring out the depth and vibrancy of your images.

6. Create a personalised photo calendar

Photo calendars make a lovely addition to any area of the home, and having yours ready before the New Year even begins is a great way to start planning ahead. By choosing photos and colours that match each season, you can make sure the photo calendar will suit your home décor all year round. For instance, you can add autumn-themed photos with orange and red tones in October and November, wintery photos with more white and blue hues in December and January, and so on.

7. Make your Christmas tree the centre of attention

Last but not least, if you’ve gone to the trouble of purchasing and decorating a gorgeous Christmas tree, make sure it takes centre stage in your living room and gets the attention it deserves. If possible, try to position it against a main wall rather than squeezing it into a tight corner, even if this means temporarily rearranging some of your furniture.

Looking for more Christmas-related ideas that will help you get into the festive spirit? Check out these tips and ideas for your end-of-year family photobooks or take a look at our personalised gift guide and use your photos to create meaningful presents for friends and family.