A Mother's Day chat with family photographer Susheel Schroeder

3rd March 2021

Susheel Schroeder is a London based photographer specialising in portrait, family and lifestyle photography with a fine art approach. Her longer-term documentary photography projects focus on issues surrounding maternal health and identity.

Susheel captures motherhood in such a unique and beautiful way. Her mother and child portraits are intimate and familiar, while always showing the vulnerability and magic of those early years. We spoke to Susheel ahead of Mother's Day about how life has changed in the past year and who she will be celebrating this Mother's day.

Images © Susheel Schroeder 2021

You document some breath-taking moments between mother and child- what are your tips for capturing this connection and intimacy?

Thank you! I think those photographs are much more beautiful when they happen naturally so it’s all about being patient. I always encourage families to just let their children do as they please while I’m there, rather than making them sit or look the right way. When their mother relaxes, children usually do too and that’s when those unscripted intimate moments that I love to photograph happen. I’m always just taking the photo I would like to have with my own children, so I know all of those little moments between a mother and her child and I’m always ready to capture them, to me they are so much more valuable than a photograph where everyone is looking the right way.

Images © Susheel Schroeder 2021

How has your process and work/life balance shifted in the past year, through lockdowns and more time at home?

I’ve done everything I can to adapt to all the different situations that have come up throughout the year and I’m so fortunate that I can work legally with the proper measures in place now. I had to find all sorts of creative ways to take intimate images at a safe distance. I rescheduled all of my work during the first lockdown to later in the year so the last six months have been pretty busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have the most lovely nanny who looks after my sons when I’m working so during the times she couldn’t be with us it was definitely a bit of a juggle. Luckily my husband has been working from home and we could support each other. 

Images © Susheel Schroeder 2021

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day and which women do you admire? 

Hopefully with breakfast in bed! And most likely another day of playing with my boys in the park...the best kind of Groundhog Day.  

My parents live abroad so we won’t get to celebrate with my mum this year, we haven’t seen them for a long time and we miss them so much. My mum is the woman I admire most, she is so selfless and so full of love for all of us, my children adore her and we are so lucky she’s ours. I’m also full of admiration for the mothers I meet through my work for whom Mother’s Day isn’t the easiest time. They have experienced loss, trauma and heartbreak on their journeys to motherhood and they still get back up and carry on even when they feel like they can’t. To me that is the ultimate show of strength and they deserve to be celebrated every day.

Images © Susheel Schroeder 2021

View more of Susheel's work at www.susheelschroeder.com or follow Susheel on www.instagram.com/susheelschroeder