App of the Year Award 2019

Bob Books
26th November 2019

We are thrilled to announce the news of winning the App of the year Award as part of the Good Web Guide Awards 2019

This was awarded to Bob Books, the go-to destination for personalised photo books, calendars or wall art for cherishing precious moments. There is no need for photos to fester on your mobile when there is such a simple solution to hand; turn them into beautiful photobooks in a few simple steps.

"The app and website explain clearly and simply what the business offers, and how the viewer/potential customer can engage with that service within one or two downward scrolls or clicks."  - Judge, Kinvara Balfour, director, writer and producer.

"I liked the brave menu icons and bold colours...stands out as being different from the other sites." - Neil Finnie, founder of Corkscrew, an international training provider.

For more information about our Bob Books App visit our site now to find out how to download and get started on making your photo books directly from your mobile or tablet device. For extra hints and tips about using the app we have our Bob Books blog