Bob Books creation tools explained

13th July 2017

With so many options to create your Bob Book it can be difficult to know which option is best for you. We breakdown the benefits and limitations of all our creator tool so you can make the right choice for your need.

Bob Designer software

The Bob Designer software is the most flexible photobook creation tool. The desktop software is free to download and allows you to design and save your book on your computer so you can create your book at your own pace. The software is easy to use, you select the photobook format you want to make, import your images, and then drag and drop your layout, images and add text to design your book. You can choose from our extensive template layouts or create and save your own layouts. Everything is fully editable from our layouts, background colours and text. You can even add video to your book. Changing the paper type and size of your book is simple and can be done with the click of a button and you can add a presentation box to your order. This is the most flexible option in creating a book and a free to download logo-free software is also available for professional users.

You can watch the getting started help video here.

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Online Book Creator

The Online Book Creator allows you to design your book from anywhere. Simply log into your account and choose which photobook you want in our Online Creator. You can import your images, select from our fully customisable template layouts and add text to your book. However as you are creating your book online, good internet connection is required throughout, and if it cuts out this can create problems when importing your images and saving your work. You can easily change the format of your photobook. Whilst there are less design options than the Bob Designer software you are still in charge of how your photobook looks and you have the ability to easily create your book on multiple devices as it is cerated online. It is not possible to order a presentation box in the Online Book Creator, but you can order one from our website, there is also no logo-free option available. 

You can watch the getting started help video here.

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PDF to Book

The PDF to Book software is perfect for design professionals familiar with Adobe InDesign. The software allows you to generate the cover and content book templates in Adobe InDesign. This allows Adobe InDesign users to design their book in a software they are familiar with. You will need to have Adobe InDesign installed and be familiar with the software as we will not be able offer design support on this. Once you have designed your book you export your files into a PDF using the Bob Books presets and the upload this to our website. We recommend reading our User Guide for information on how to prepare your files. Whilst you can order multiple copies of your book, it is not possible to place more than one book in an order. If you decide to change the paper type or size of your book you will need to generate a new template and transfer your book across. There is a logo-free uploader available to order your book with the Bob Books logo. 

You can watch the getting started help video here.

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Design Service

The Bob Design Service is the hands free option to designing a photobook. Select which photobook format you want and then upload your images. Decide if you want to use all your images or you want the designer to select the best images for you. Then sit back whilst our Freelance Designers put together the first draft of your book, a preview will be ready for you within 3 working days, you can leave feedback on the preview and the Designer will make the revisions and send you another preview. You can make as many revisions as you want and there is no money payable until you sign off on the design and place your order. Design service fees start at £9.99 for 26 pages and design cost per every additional 8 pages is £2.50 (this does not include the cost of the photobook which can be found here). Not all our photobook formats are available in the Design Service and text is limited to captions only. Photo editing or retouching is not available. 

You can watch the getting started help video here.

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Pixel Smart Albums

You can design your Bob Book with Pixellu™ SmartAlbums® the photo album design software made especially for professional wedding and portrait photographers. The dimensions of all our photobook formats are now available and when you finish designing your photobook, simply exports your spreads and place them in our software.

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Creating a Book with other Software

If you wish to use software other than our PDF to Book software to create your PDF, your files will not be accepted by our uploader. It is still possible to create a Bob Book from your own PDF files. You need to make sure you have produced your files with the correct dimensions, including bleed allowances. Once you have finished designing your book, you then need to export your spreads as Tiffs or Jpegs and place them as background images in our Bob Designer software. If you wish to edit your design you will need to go back to your original files, make the changes there and place them back into the software.

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iPad App

The Bob Books App is perfect for creating a quick and simple photobook on your iPhone or iPad. To get started download our free iOS App.

Select the photobook format you want and the theme which generates the layout options and background colour of your book. You can then import images saved on your device and drag and drop your layouts and images onto the templates. You can choose from single page, double page and text layout options. As your photobook is saved on your device the choice of layouts is more limited and not customisable. Your book is saved on your device automatically so you can design it at your own pace and edit and re-order direct from your device. 

You can watch the getting started help video here.

Get started with the Bob Books App

My ABC Book App

The My ABC Book App lets you create a beautifully illustrated alphapbet book on your iPad or iPhone. The illustrated templates are not customisable and allow you to place one image per page. This is a fun and easy to use App that lets you make a lovely personalised ABC book. 

You can watch the getting started help video here.

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