Book of the Month - April 2020

Bob Books
4th May 2020

Congratulations to our April's Book of the Month winner Adrian Wood with his book 

'London in the 1950's Photographs'

"To all at Bob Books,

Thank you very much for awarding me the book of the month prize. I will make a book of all my favourite photos taken from the many books you have published for me in the last few years, plus a few photos I like very much that haven’t fitted in to any of them. 

I always wanted to be a photographer and in my schooldays always had a camera with me. See the ‘Glyn Grammar School’ book. I left school and went to The London School of Printing and Graphic Arts to study photography and art; see my book of that name. I had my teenage years in the most wonderful house on Epsom Downs; see the book ‘The Gap’. I became fascinated with people and how light fell on their faces, especially artificial light. Epsom Downs on race days always had fairgrounds that were open late into the evenings and lots of the punters stayed to spend their winnings.  See my book ‘Racedays and Fairgrounds’.

A day trip from college to Battersea Power Station to take photos produced pictures of the station in operation that cannot be found elsewhere on the web. In those days, before the time of computers or even calculators, the man in charge at the main control desk is shown using a slide rule to do his calculations. Furthermore there was an army of men with clipboards writing down all the meter readings as it was well before any computer data logging. Also there are unique photos of inside the furnace room being cleaned out ready for the next month’s run.

Now I must say a big thank you to Bob Books for reproducing all my photos in superb quality which has amazed me.  With these very old negatives I have spent months working them up for the best reproduction using a program ACDsee Photo studio. It combines magnificent sorting and data logging together with stunning editing facilities. I have also designed and built a rostrum camera setup to digitise the negatives. There are lots of my other books. ‘Finland 1966’ and the ‘Peter Vallance Aviation Museum’ are just a couple. I have a website of my life’s activities. Feel free to take a look, and you can use anything you want in it, As you can see I have done lots of other things in my 81 years so far.

Once again a very big THANK YOU for producing superb quality books." - Adrian Wood

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