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Book of the Month - August 2017

Congratulations to Darren Lewey on winning our August Book of the Month competition with his book ‘Andalusia’.

Our Judges really enjoyed his book and chose it as this months winning entry. 

Here's what our winner had to say:

"This is my first photo book and although I started landscape photography over 30 years ago, I've only recently returned to creating new images so I'm thrilled to have been chosen for Book of the Month. Intimate semi-abstract landscapes rely on small details of colour, tone, contrast and sharpness so a book making company that can meet this demand with high quality printing was my main reason for choosing Bob Books. Alongside the choice of book sizes the cover finishes are also excellent. 

My philosophy for presenting images in book form is that their should be a central idea and consistency of approach with image quality being paramount so reproduction is essential. The process of bringing a book to fruition from the image-taking through to final print requires control at all stages and the notes Bob Books provide on setting up a home screen for accurate reproduction worked very well. As part of this I found the Bob designer software and instant preview facility both easy to use and inspirational as it allowed me to see the book unfold immediately and make adjustments and where needed the online help was responsive and helpful. 

Book making is proving to be increasingly more popular and as a course leader of photo workshops, I'll be recommending Bob Book to my clients."

Congratulations again to Darren. More of Darren's work can be seen at Images in the Sun.

Along with the 11 other Book of the Month winners of 2017, he will be entered into our Book of the Year competition. You can view the winner of our 2016 Book of the Year competition, winner of an iPad Mini 2.

Is your book brilliant? To enter Book of the Month, simply publish your book in our Bob Bookshop and select 'enter book of the month' in your account. Winners will automatically be entered into our fantastic 2017 Book of the Year Competition. Good luck!