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Book of the Month - Dec 2015

Congratulations to Leanne Simons on winning our December Book of the Month competition with her book 'Cookery Book for a Bride to Be'. 

 Here's why our judge chose Leanne as the winner: "A unique approach to a cookery book, particularly enjoyed the use of colour and image layout in relation to the text." 

Here's what our winner had to say:

"Ordinarily I specialise in ‘memory books’ documenting milestone, treasured memories, biography style, etc. Due to the personal nature of my work, I rarely get the chance to showcase books. However, on this occasion, I was delighted to be able to enter Sophie’s Cookbook. So a big thanks to my client, (the mother of the bride), who in keeping with the marriage theme, wanted to ‘share the love’.

The book contains recipes, messages and household tips passed on from generations, designed with a theme of 'growth', as is marriage and love......  (18 years of marriage myself, my own mantra!)...... I did this by illustrating ingredients in evolving stages...... Also the bride loves rainbows, hence the rainbow theme.

A hobby turned business, nearly six years old, I chose Bob Books from the beginning.  A combination of their design tools and high quality finish has allowed me to challenge myself and develop a unique style creating my own background design and artwork.

I love food photography, especially when visiting markets. Bob Books editing tools allowed me to get even more creative, experimenting with colour, (the chapter header pictures in particular, where in keeping with the rainbow theme). 

Bob Books layout tools are very handy, and with imagination, carefully chosen illustrations and bending the boarders; abolishes a templated look.

I am so delighted to win December’s Book of The Month.  Thank you so much."


Congratulations again to Leanne. She along with the 11 other Book of the Month winners of 2015 have been entered into our Book of the Year competition and now stand a chance to win a Limited Edition SnapCam and iON Home Wi-Fi Camera. The total prize value is £329.98!. Voting opens soon.

 Is your book brilliant? To enter Book of the Month, simply publish your book in our Bob Bookshop and select 'enter book of the month' in your account. Winners will automatically be entered into our fantastic 2016 Book of the Year Competition.  Good luck!