Book of the Month - December 2020

Bob Books
7th January 2021

Congratulations to our Book of the Month winner for December, Roy Fisher and his book '2020 - A year in pictures'

2020 - A Year in Pictures Roy Fisher

"I was very pleased and surprised to have won the December Book of the Month Competition. I found making a photo-travel book in 2020 a challenging endeavour. Like many others I love foreign travel but because of the Pandemic I had to focus my photographic endeavours on the British Isles. It confirmed my love for the beauty and variety of these islands and I hope the pictures in the book do it justice." - Roy Fisher

I regularly publish with Bob Books and “2020 – A Year in Pictures” is my 20th book. I find the process of making a book with Bob Books an enjoyable and very satisfying experience. I also love the quality of the finished product.

My photo website is


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