Book of the Month - Feb 19

11th March 2019

Congratulations to Darren Lewey on winning our February Book of the Month competition with his book ‘The Forest Next Door'.

Here's what the winner had to say: " Apart from being a very personal project, the Forest Next Door is really about showing the possibilities of photographing the more ordinary location. The forest doesn't have a lot of winning views but the discipline of looking across the one square kilometre is a great lesson for becoming a better photographer. 

Bob books was my first choice for publishing 'Forest'. My last book, Andalusia, was a joy to put together using the software and the final book was quality was excellent."

Along with the 11 other Book of the Month winners of 2019, he will be entered into our Book of the Year competition. 

Is your book brilliant? To enter Book of the Month, simply publish your book in our Bob Bookshop and select 'enter book of the month' in your account. Winners will automatically be entered into our fantastic 2019 Book of the Year Competition. Good luck!