Book of the Month - June 2020

Bob Books
3rd July 2020

Congratulations to our June's Book of the Month winner Gerry McShane with his book 'Looking at you in Zambia'

Fleeting Moments Forever Captured

"My wife and I have been taking safari holidays for the past 20+ years. Averaging 6,000 pictures each 2 week holiday the numbers added up. The acquisition of ever improving digital gear, and experience, resulted in the capture of some impressive pictures. Stored on a hard-drive to be taken out and viewed very occasionally seemed like such a waste  so I decided to have them printed in large book format so they could reach out to a wider audience. On the darker side, many of the subjects  therein could be very close to extinction in as little as a decade. Last but certainly not least, we are told that we all have at least one book within us and, although it turned out to be quite laborious it was a great ego boost to see the final result in print.

I had seen the quality of Bob Books at a photographic exhibition in the NEC Birmingham and been pointed in your direction by Audley Travel so that was my first stop. Having the software on my PC is a bonus but the selling point for me is the layflat large square book. Seeing your favourite image across a two page layout measuring almost 58mm by 29mm gives an incredible buzz.

P.S. The experience gained in doing the first book has paid off handsomely. I have completed the second in a fraction of the time; Looking at You in the Pantanal will make an appearance shortly." - Gerry McShane



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