Book of the Month - Nov 2018

10th December 2018

Congratulations to Robert Della-Sala on winning our October Book of the Month competition with his book ‘Chimpazees'.

Our judges thought the book had some beautiful and quite impressive images.

Here's what our winner had to say:

"I consider myself to be an enthusiastic amateur photographer and often surprise myself at some of the photos I have been able to capture. I have been on a number of safaris and have multiple albums of wildlife. On this trip we visited Uganda to primarily see Gorillas but had the opportunity to go and spend a whole day observing and following wild chimpanzees.

It struck me when I viewed my XXL Landscape album that the human like features of the chimps was somewhat lost amongst multiple photos so decided to create a single smaller square album with a chimp per page. I was so glad I did as the old adage if less is more really applied in this case.
I have in excess of 30 BobBooks in different formats and paper types. I used other books before but I have stuck with BobBooks for a number of reasons including 1) quality of the product (bindings etc), 2) the colours are almost identical to my images unlike other products 3) speed at which books are printed and dispatched after order 4) I also think BobBooks customer service are excellent. Twice  I had cause to contact them due to my errors and both times they were able to sort me out 5) there is always an offer on just when I need it"

Along with the 11 other Book of the Month winners of 2018, he will be entered into our Book of the Year competition. 

Is your book brilliant? To enter Book of the Month, simply publish your book in our Bob Bookshop and select 'enter book of the month' in your account. Winners will automatically be entered into our fantastic 2018 Book of the Year Competition. Good luck!