Book of the Month - October 2019

Shannon Osborne
11th November 2019

Congratulations to our Book of the Month winner Felix Rome and his book 'Wild Knight'

“The book has been a project of mine for the last few years. I have been working as a wildlife guide at Sailcone lodge on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada in an area call Knight inlet. I drive a boat and try to find grizzly bears on the coastline feeding on mussels and barnacles or rummaging around in sedge grass fields on the intertidal beaches waiting for the salmon to return. You can hear Steller sea lions huffing and puffing on a haul out rock miles away as you watch humpback whales and orcas patrolling the waters for food. Dolphins explore inlets and sounds practicing their acrobatic displays as black bears watch on from the woodlands. Knight inlet is a place filled with life big and small, you never know what sort of show it’s going to put on for you.” - Felix Rome

Instagram - @felixrome8 

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Along with the 11 other Book of the Month winners of 2019, they will be entered into our Book of the Year competition. 

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