Book of the Month - Sept 16

10th October 2016

Congratulations to Simon James on winning our September Book of the Month competition with his book 'Zanzibar'.

 Here's why our judge chose Simon as the winner: "A very tough decision, especially as the winner had two books in the shortlist, but Zanzibar won due to its beautiful images and simple and elegant layout." 

Here's what our winner had to say:

"Zanzibar' attempts to digest and reflect on my explorations on the island following a family trip to east Africa. It is loosely separated into three themes of 'constraint', 'congregate' and 'contemplate', which I felt were most depictive of my experiences there. Much as the nature of exploring unfamiliar places, the subject matter is somewhat contingent; from chickens to architecture to beach sunsets. Nonetheless, I hope the photobook provides engaging insight for others into this fascinating place, and a source in the future for myself to reminisce.

Thanks to all at BobBooks, I'm flattered to be selected as the Book of the Month winner! It was the first time I tried the PDF-to-Book method, and was impressed with the quick turnaround and print quality."


Congratulations again to Simon.

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