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Book of the Year 2015 prize announced

Our Book of the Year 2015 prize has been announced. This year's winner will receive a Limited Edition SnapCam and iON Home Wi-Fi Camera.The total prize value is £329.98! Limited Edition SnapCam - £199.99 

The new Limited Edition SnapCam shoots beautiful 1080p/30fps quality video. The light weight, wearable camera from iON is one of the first of its kind. It's never been easier to shoot and share your experiences and with built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you can connect and livestream from any smart device!


·         High Definition Video Recording: 1080p 30fps.

·         Burst mode: Up to 30 photos in 1 second.

·         Loop Recording: The camera will keep filming for as long as needed and will erase the oldest recording to make room for new recordings.

·         Cyclic recording: If constantly recording, the device will re-write over the beginning of what is currently recording.  This makes the camera multi-purpose and could be used for DashCams or Security.

·         Date Stamp: Allows you to know when (day & time) the image/video was captured.

·         LDC - Large Digital Camera mode: This enables you to de-activate the fish eye (wide angle) lens and use the camera like a normal digital camera.

·         EIS: Electric Image Stabilisation: Uses electronic processing the stabilise the image. 

·        Available in a matt black finish. Requires a MicroSD Card to operate camera Class 6 or above.

  iON Home Wi-Fi Camera - £129.99

Easily monitor your home and business while you’re away — with more convenience, more security, and more peace of mind. You can stay connected to the people, pets, and places that matter the most. Its cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring gives your 24/7 live streaming, two-way talk and remote viewing.


·         Night vision: Lets you see what's going on in the dark.

·         HD Quality: Crystal clear imaging for a sharper video.

·         HD Streaming: Stream live HD video form your home or business right to your smartphone or tablet.

·         Two-way talk: Allows you to communicate and stay in touch.

·        Wide-Angle Lens: Capture an entire room from one strategic location.


That's not all, our Runner-Up will also receive a great prize worth £49.99!

SnapCam Lite - £49.99

The iON SnapCam Lite isn’t your typical camera. Not only does it take amazing photos and videos, you can also wear it. At 1.5 inches square and weighing less than an ounce, it attaches directly to your clothes with a clip or magnet. When you’re ready to shoot, just push the SnapCam button once for immediate stills or twice to start shooting HD video. It will change the way you capture your favourite memories. 

·        5.0-megapixel: 5MP Still image sensor captures beautiful photos.

·        HD video: Captures beautiful HD video in 720p at the touch of a button.

·        Splash-resistant design: Protects the camera against moisture damage. 

·        Wearable style: Allows you to capture photos from your point of view.

·        USB 2.0 interface: Enables you to connect your Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 or Mac OS X 10.6 or later computer.

·        Card slot: Accepts microSD and microSDHC cards. MicrodSD card required to operate the camera, class 6 or above, not included. 

 So enter our December Book of the Month competition for your chance at a free book and a place in Book of the Year 2015. Public voting for Book of the Year 2015 opens mid January.