Book of the Year winner 2020 - Nell Conway

Bob Books
4th February 2021

Congratulations to winner of our book of the year prize Nell Conway and her book 'Greenland 2019'

Images © Nell Conway

"The trip to Greenland was extraordinary in so many ways and 18 months later it is still an ever-present part of regular musings. The underpinning message of the book is of course that anyone privileged enough to travel to remote Arctic places has a responsibility, beyond sharing its beauty, to raise awareness of its fragility in the face of man’s impact on our planet. It is good to think that some extra people might enjoy my book as a result of this win and help to keep the conversation alive." - Nell Conway

This book of photographs is designed to tell the story of an Arctic journey. The journey began aboard a small ship in Svalbard and continued across the Greenland Sea to the eastern fjords of Greenland. It was a journey of exploration, adventure, good company and awe. As with any journey the story unfolded in two parts, the external landscape and experiences encountered, and the internal development of oneself during its course. - Taken from Nell's Book introduction

Images © Nell Conway

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