Bring your Photos to Life with the Bob Books App

Bob Books
1st May 2020

It’s time to move all your favourite photos off your device and into your life. Print meaningful photos from your Instagram or camera roll and turn them into a magnificent photobook in no time.

 Read more about the features of our app or skip through to our two-minute book type.

What is the Bob Books App?

Simple, it’s a mobile app that allows you to make a custom photo book with your iPhone or iPad snaps. No computer needed.

What kind of photo books available on the app?

Currently, you can create a Square Book (21x21cm), Large Square Book (30x30cm), Landscape book (28x21cm), Small Landscape (19x15cm) and a Portrait (21cmx28cm)

Are all the Papers available?

We have several papers that are available on the app:

  • Classic - 200gsm semi-gloss paper, digital printing with perfect binding. Hardback & paperback covers.
  • Matte - 170gsm matte paper, digital printing with perfect binding. Matte hardback cover only.
  • Lustre Photographic - 300gsm lustre finish paper, silver halide printing with lay-flat binding. Hardback only.
  • Matte Photographic - 300gsm matte paper, silver halide printing with lay-flat binding. Hardback only.

More information on our papers can be found here

How does it work?

  • Select your book format
  • Choose your book type
  • Select your cover
  • Select from our classic paper, matte paper or lustre photographic paper with lay-flat binding
  • Pick from the different book sizes we offer
  • Select & import your photos
  • It is easier to have all the photos that you want to use already in a labeled folder

What next?

Once your images are imported into your book, they will appear at the bottom of your screen. Simply drag and drop the photos and layouts onto the pages to design your photo book. Images can be zoomed in and cropped. Choose from a wide range of professional page layouts to turn your photos into your perfect photo book. You can add text to your cover and throughout your book. Please note that page layouts templates will vary depending on the theme that you have selected for your book.

Do I need to save my book on my device?

The book is saved automatically as you create it so you do not need to save it manually. Please note that you cannot transfer books from one device to another i.e. from your iPhone to your iPad.

Can I make my own layout?

All the layouts that are available on the app are templates and cannot be adjusted or changed. Each theme comes with its own set of templates and these cannot be altered unless you choose to change the theme of your book.

What is the Two-Minute Book?

The two-minute book is a feature of our app that allows you to make a book in a couple of minutes. You can find this option when you choose the type of book that you looking to create.

Who is this for?

This is for everyone of course! We wanted to allow our customers to make a book in a couple of minutes so they can create an object they will treasure forever in less time than it takes to run a bath. This is for the book you don’t have time for, the book you’ve been meaning to make.

How is it different from just creating a book in the app?

This book is for customers who are in a hurry. The app will automatically place the images for you in the book and this will speed up the designing process so you can go on about your day.

How does it work?

It is quite similar to our Custom-Making book option but simpler and quicker. If you select the Two-Minute option, you will be asked to select that style that you prefer (Full Bleed or Original Size) and then you will be asked to choose your images from your phone or ipad and we’ll drop them in - one photograph per page. Then design your cover, give your book a once over, and place your order. It really is that simple.