Buy a computer for a tenner...

30th November 2012

As it is the season for giving, we wanted to introduce you to our favourite charity. They are doing some amazing work which is near and dear to our (technology loving) hearts.

Founded seven years ago in Dublin, is an International organisation dedicated to using technology to improve education and livelihood skills in disadvantaged communities around the world. Some 450,000 children in poor communities have been made digitally literate by Camara since it was founded.

To do this, Camara has:

  • provided eLearning Centres to over 1,650 schools in Africa, Ireland and the Caribbean
  • installed nearly 35,000 computers
  • trained over 5,000 teachers how to use the technology for learning purposes.

Africa is a continent full of potential and opportunity, with many countries having growing economies and a drive towards a digital future.  But the lack of access to computers in education means that Africa’s children will miss these opportunities and will not reach their full potential.

This holiday season, Camara is aiming to supply a further 2,500 computers to schools in Africa. That translates to a further 52,000 children with access to computers.

For just £10, you can sponsor a computer with Camara to be sent to a school in Africa. You can give the computer in the name of family and friends and have fun tracking it’s journey there.

Every computer gift will allow 21 children like Mary Julius to get the key 21st century skill of digital literacy, giving them a chance for a better education, making it easier for them to get a job and giving Africa a digital future.

If you've got a spare £10 burning a hole in your pocket, here is one very worthwhile way to spend it.

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