Creativity Series - Lay Loosh

12th June 2018

As part of our Creativity Series, we interviewed visual artist Ley Loosh.
Can you tell us a bit about your practice and give us your background?
My practice begins with experience and observation. It involves my everyday life and what inpires me, then my desire to express this in a productive way, channeling this into a visual format of art. I close my eyes and I visualise, I open my eyes and I let my hand transfer my visions onto paper, I have a story to tell. 
I am a visual artist exploring various mediums such as ceramics, live-art, painting and design however my most common practice is mixed media painting. I studied art, design and media, along with art history at University in London, I have loved expressing myself through art since I was a child and I have been an active self-employed artist living in London and practicing internationally since 2014.
Do you feel you have a clear creative process? Or is this something more fluid?
I can be fluid and prefer not to limit myself to one thing, however I do enjoy my mixed media techniques which took me a while to hone as part of my creative process. I enjoy using this technique for transfering my visions of the animal and botonic kingdoms. I somehow find freedom within this routine.
I also really enjoy making sculptures out of clay even though it is something I started only a year ago and this is totally fluid and free form of expression. So both really.

Where do you draw inspiration from? More broadly and day to day, is this different?
My inspiration can be drawn from anything inlcuding very specific things like certain behaviours in nature. My emotions often inspire me to  transform them into something visual. The feeling “I don’t know what to do with myself” is usually answered by  “Make art”.  Being asked to explore a new topic or be comissioned to do a piece for a specific theme can also be a source of new inspiration and research.
How do you avoid falling into automatic mode? What routines do you find helpful in keeping your creative side stimulated?
I remember to play. I find the most helpful routine is to wake up consistently around the same time; waking up both the body and the mind and spirit with breath and movement followed by a ginger tea. This allows me to have a moment to myself. Remembering to maintain balance between work, rest and play is important.
Also being in nature and enjoying music as often as possible really keeps me going.

We love the book you made with us! How do you plan to use it? 
I plan to use it as a portfolio and also gift it to people who have supported me along the way. It is an amazing object to share. Beautiful quality, I found it easy to make the book and super friendly.
What did you want to do as a child?
I wanted to be a veterinary, an artist or a dancer and travel.
Can you tell us about something you have coming up? 
I am going to have a summer full of painting and exploring new ideas, I am open to working with other artists, this will be the biggest milestone. Apart from that I am currently making an image for the visualisation of reiki and a music healing workshop called Insense, we focus on exploring angelic frequencies. I am also going to paint a mushroom mural in an amazing barn in Gloucestershire. Things keep presenting themselves.
Thanks Ley!
All images © Ley Loosh