Ella's Books Guest Post

Ella's Books
21st August 2017

Welcome to Ella’s Books, a platform that specialises in designing bespoke photo books using your photographs. My mum took lots of photos of my sisters and I growing up. These photos were stuck into homemade craft scrapbooks. Nearly 20 years later I still pick up the scrapbooks of my childhood and see photos of early birthdays, first days of school and our first pet dog. There’s something about turning a page of a book that makes you relive that moment. A bit like when you get a waft of sun cream, and suddenly, you recall summers as a child spent by the beach.

My book design service is for people who don’t have the time to sort through their holiday, travel, wedding and honeymoon, baby and family photos. Now I know what you’re thinking… you probably have thousands of photos! When do you have the time to sort through them? I am here to help.

When Bob Books reached out I thought it was a great opportunity to try out a lay-flat book. Something I had seen at a few book and photography conventions over the years but never got round to doing.

I now have a beautiful lay-flat book sitting on my desk that I would love to share with you all. The lay-flat style is perfect for when you want your image to flow across a double page spread as there is no loss of visibility down the centre of the spine. I had so much fun designing my Wales book and the paper gives a stunning finish. I went for the matte photographic paper, which gave a gorgeous art book feel to it.

The quality of the printing and thick paper is excellent. I put in a variety of photos from phone, camera and old hard copy photos and they have all printed well. The lay-flat book is worth it if you’re looking for something a little higher end.

The photos in the book were taken over the past few years. It was a tradition that my mum and her school friends would organise a long bank holiday weekend in May to chill out by the beach, New Port Bay. The first photo in the book was taken in 1988 when new couples were forming and young families starting. Nearly every year since then our families grew yet the tradition didn’t stop. Photos were taken, memories were made as well as friendship bonds between the children. As time went on, we lived all over the UK so this was a time we really looked forward to meeting up! However, in the past few years, as the children turned into adults, the trips slowly stopped. 

This book is a reminder of all the BBQ’s on the beach, body boarding in the sea, thick jumpers and getting cosy by the fire in the beautiful old cottage. There are always fun stories to tell and these should not be forgotten as time passes. So what story did you want to tell?

Ella made a lay-flat book with matte photographic paper which you can find here.

For more information about Ella’s Books visit www.ellasbooks.co.uk