Fashion Photography Series: Interview with Elizaveta Porodina

12th September 2018

Fashion Photography has long been an esteemed art form. Showcasing both the model as well as the apparel and accessories, it is safe to say there are always two subjects in such photographs. We love fashion as an expression of identity, beauty and creativity and with Fashion Week all around the world, we wanted to highlight the fashion photographers who are truly redefining the genre of this ever evolving industry. High fashion is fast becoming a much more open and diverse playing field with different cultures and messages being front and centre, and we’re thrilled to be speaking to the champions of this new generation.

Elizaveta Porodina is a Russian-Born fashion photographer based in Munich.

Thank you for speaking to us, we just love your work. Can you tell me how you started and where this love of photography began?

I’ve always had a general love for art, especially visual art but really for all kinds of art since I was a little kid- I remember forcing my parents, especially my mother, to go with me to exhibitions and look at paintings for hours and hours, and I’ve been painting and illustrating since I was a kid.... But then I actually ended up studying psychology and I became a clinical psychologist.

It was during my education as a psychologist that I actually dabbled in photography, I bought myself a camera and started experimenting….it felt very natural, very organic.


That transition is so interesting, because they’re such different areas. Was there a time you were both a professional photographer and a clinical psychologist?

I was about one and a half years into that education when I decided to finally quit psychology and start doing photography full time- so there was a definitely like an overlap.

 And do you find that your interest in psychology feeds into your photography in any way?

I would say that when people hear about my former education they always assume that the subject of my photography is a lot about fear or something clinical and it really is not, it’s more about my general interest in humans. Looking at our personalities, and all kinds of fragments of identity that a human can carry.

I would definitely say though that is is my understanding of psychology that helped me to recognise these...

What’s your process like, do you find that you have kind of a particular way of working, what kind of rhythm do you have when you are shooting?

I would say it’s pretty much 50/50, meaning that I definitely plan ahead, create a storyboard or mood board around the shoot…this is also so we can find the right location, and it helps everything fall into place on the day and it makes sense for my protagonist.

But then when we have arrived to the place and the model begins working, my approach becomes very, very spontaneous- ideas can change, things can happen, I happily accept it and I actually love it.


Do you most enjoy photographing people or are there other subjects that you explore?

For now I’m very focused on shooting people. I’m open to everything but I only take photos of things that inspire me and at the moment that is very much people.

Do you still find time to do your painting?

I don’t feel the need because most of my creative energy is satiated with photography but I sketch all the time in my diaries. I just don't feel the need to share that with the rest of the world right now.

We always ask people what they wanted to do as a child

Both of my parents were academics in the field of science, so naturally I wanted to be an academic too, maybe a doctor. That was my wish. Because I idealized my parents so much, I didn't have much of an inner voice then. I have met so many people who knew exactly what they wanted to do when they were children. But I had tried out so many different things by the time I found what I really wanted.


What are you excited for this year?

I am excited for everything. I love my job, it takes me all around the world and allows me to meet so many incredible, creative people. I also have an exhibition coming up in Munich at the Stadt Museum.

Thanks Elizaveta!

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All images © Elizaveta Porodina 2018