Gifts Ideas for Mum this Mother's Day

Bob Books
17th January 2021

Mother's Day is a celebration of the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and mothers within society. It’s celebrated on various days in many different parts of the world, and is recognised as an important annual event. 

Of course, for most of us, Mother’s Day will feel quite different this year, as we are forced to reinvent some of our traditions and celebrate at a distance. But even if we can’t be together on this important occasion, we can still find ways to show our love and appreciation for the maternal figures in our lives.

Photos make beautiful Mother’s Day gifts, because they’re always so unique and personal. Here are a few ideas for transforming your favourite photographs into a heartfelt Mother’s Day gift.

Personalised Photo book

There’s no better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to reminisce on some of the adventures you’ve had together with your mum. So why not make a personalised photo book celebrating your favourite memories and family traditions?  

A photo book is a wonderful way to tell your story, from those early childhood memories to the important moments you’ve shared together through adulthood. 

If you want to make your book extra special, you can use our cover highlights feature for your text. It’s exclusive to our Bob Designer software and is a great way to make your Mother’s Day photo book stand out.

Wall Art

Mums love art, but they’re sure to love it even more if it’s something you’ve made yourself. If you don’t consider yourself very artistic, even a classic finger painting from when you were little can be transformed into a piece of art your mum would be proud to have hanging on her wall. 

Better still, you could use one of the many photographs you’ve taken together with your mum, or create a beautiful collage using a few of your favourite ones. Our range of wall art options includes photo canvases, professionally styled gallery mounts or framed posters.


As the main organisers of the household, mothers love having a clear overview of what everyone is doing and when, so why not make your mum a personalised photo calendar she will treasure? 

The fact that you designed it for her will make it that much more special. You can include photographs of your family and pets in a new image for each month. Did you know that you can even add personalised dates to your calendars, such as birthdays, anniversaries and other family celebrations?

Send her a photo card

What better way to make sure your mum knows you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day than to send her a personalised photo card with your face on it? Designing your own Bob Books photo card is a wonderful way to go that extra mile for your mum.

Our photo cards are fully customisable, allowing you to edit all four sides of your cards with your own photos, images and text. With this in mind, in addition to your own photos, you can add personal touches such as inside jokes, funny stories or heartfelt Mother’s Day poems. 

For more gift ideas that can be personalised with your own photographs, check out our Personalised Gift Guide. If you’re ready to get creative, visit our products page to start designing your own Bob Books photo book, calendar or wall art.