Guest post- 6 reasons to dig out your old photos and scan them with Vintage Photo Lab

Vintage Photo Lab
17th August 2016

Photos are such a huge part of our lives. Since the advent of the smartphone, we pretty much all carry a camera around with us all of the time. It’s extraordinary.

With Facebook and Twitter and Flickr and messaging apps, we’re sharing millions of photos with loved ones all over the world. Every day. And we love them.

But did you know… 
It’s estimated there are 150 billion pre-digital print photos in the UK alone! That number is mind boggling to us. Think of all those moments of fun, love, mishap, joy, laughter and, not to mention, bad hair days that are lying amongst those...  

Our mission is to help save these old photos from the dust monsters in people’s homes all across the UK. Here’s some reasons you should consider digging out yours:

1. Make an awesome gift

Old photographs brought to life by scanning make awesome gifts, especially for grandparents and parents. They love looking at photos on your phone or tablet, but I don’t know a Granny who doesn’t love a printed photo book to show her friends (Granny’s bragging book!)

2. Old photos fade.                                                                                                                                                          

Or get lost, or even worse can perish in flood or fire. Chances are, somewhere in your family is a treasure trove of amazing old photos. Don’t let them become lost to the future generations. 

3. Sharing is the new hiding

How many people have actually laid eyes on those photos from when you were growing up…or from your parent’s wedding? Or your grandma’s wedding? Your digital photos of that hamburger or selfie at the bus stop are super awesome but think of what real gems are hiding in the loft or attic!

4. Old photos are different!

OK, we would say that but think about it. Back then, if someone was taking a photo of you they had to have a camera with them, have enough film left in it, have it ready to take a photo. There was a real purpose and a reason for taking a picture back then. Nowadays, you can fall over on the pavement and there’s 10 photos of it on Twitter and Instagram before you can dust yourself off and hurriedly walk away pretending nothing happened! 

5. Stories matter

Think of all that history sitting in boxes in the loft or attic or aunty Mable’s garage?! The people in those photographs won’t be around forever to tell you all about who that is next to them in the photo or why that was one of the best days of their life, or how that photo of them on that first date with that bloke led to your mum being born!

6. It’s just too funny

Whether it’s a shell suit from the 80s, weird uncle Jim and his flares from the 70s, or your brother proudly riding his BMX naked in the garden on his birthday…there’s a wealth of family fodder ripe for sharing and shaming. Family get-togethers’ will never be the same again.

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