Guide to Bob Books Highlights

Bob Books
1st October 2020

When it comes to making and designing your Bob Book, there are endless ways to customise and add you own special touch to the finished product. If your book deserves a little more style, you can add beautiful highlights to your book’s cover design. This very elegant addition is available through our Bob Design Software and gives your book an extra touch of shine with an embossing effect.

What are highlights?

Cover highlights are a way of adding a touch of shine to your book’s cover. They are fully customisable and can be applied to text as well as clipart and frames, so you can modify them to suit your design. They are available in three colours, Gold, Silver and Gloss and can be applied to front and back covers.

Make your cover stand out

Embellish your photo book by adding highlights to your cover and make your photo book an object to treasure. Ideal for wedding and special occasion photo books, using highlights can add a hint of additional elegance and compliment your cover image perfectly. With the option to add Gold, Silver or Gloss highlights, there is something for everyone to compliment any type of image you want to showcase.

Adding highlights to the text on your cover will add a special effect to your book. But you can also add highlights to clipart to give your photo book cover design a really professional and sleek finish. The clipart in the software are also customisable and you can adjust the size and orientation.

Bob’s Software tip: We have clipart already available in all highlights in the software. You can find them in the left-hand section called “Clip Art”. At the top of this section, you can also filter by which type of highlight you wand to add and simply drag and drop the artwork in your cover's design

Gold highlights on a book cover

Compliment the style of your book

While Gold and Silver highlights are great to add some sleekness and glamour to your cover. The difference with gloss highlights is that they are actually transparent and therefore can be edited and applied over any colour of your choice.

How does this work? Simply type in your title, select the colour of your choice and apply the gloss highlight feature to it. Yes, it is that simple.

Bob’s Software tip: Changing the colour of the gloss highlight is currently only available on text and not on clipart.

Technical information

Currently highlights are only available through the Bob Design and the Bob Designer Pro Software.

Highlights can only be applied to the front and the backcover of the books and will not be applicable on the spine.

Highlights are available on all of our hardcover books of any size. They are also available with any type of paper. Please note that is highlights are applied, the cover of the book will be matte, even if the inside is a different paper type (i.e. Lustre paper)


An additional £6.99 will be added your photo books order when you add highlights to the cover.

Books with highlights will take an extra 2-3 working days in production. Please take this into consideration when placing your order as we cannot speed this process up.

Read more about our lay flat books and our different paper types to make sure your photobook is exactly what you imagined it to be.