How to Create Your First Baby Photo Book

Marianne Stenger
6th May 2019

Creating a baby photo book is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s important milestones, from their precious first days to other special firsts like sitting, standing or eating solid foods. A baby photo book could document just your baby’s first couple of days, the first six months, or even the whole first year. But regardless of the approach you choose to take, here are a few pointers for putting everything together to create a memorable keepsake.

1. Decide what type of baby book you want to create

Once you’ve gathered plenty of material to work with, it’s time to decide how you want your first baby photo book to look. For example, you could choose to keep it simple with just photographs, or you might want to add simple captions with dates or other details like the baby’s weight and time of birth. You could also get more elaborate and include meaningful quotes or poems. When it comes to the type baby photos to include, some parents choose to organise stylised baby photo shoots, while others prefer more natural and candid everyday photos. 

Remember that there’s no right or wrong way to do it; the most important thing is creating a photo book that you and your children will be able to enjoy years down the line. One thing to keep in mind is that the photos you include should be edited consistently, using similar colours and tones for each one so the style doesn’t change too much from page to page. If you need some pointers, check out these tips for keeping your photo editing consistent.

2. Include some photos of parents and siblings too

Although the photo book will be dedicated to your baby, it can also be beautiful to include some photos of mother and baby, father and baby, siblings and baby, grandparents and baby, or photos featuring important aunts, uncles or friends. You can even add funny stories or details about each featured family member or friend to provide some context and a back-story that your child will appreciate later on when these fun and important details may have faded from their memory.

3. Use your baby book to mark important milestones

You will encounter so many fun “firsts” as your baby grows up, from their first tooth to the first wobbly little steps they take. Creating a baby year book is a great way to mark all these important milestones and make sure they’re not forgotten. Start by making a shot list of all the special moments you want to capture on camera and include in your photo book. In addition to the classic newborn photos taken at home or at the hospital, you may want close-ups of their chubby little hands and feet, photos where they’re sleeping peacefully, photos of their first steps, or photos of their first outing to the park or beach.

4. Narrow it down and keep everything in one place

Think about the most important moments you’d like to include in your photo book before you get started. This will help you narrow things down and select the most meaningful photos from the hundreds of photos you’re likely to take during your baby’s first months of life.

Examples of special moments you may want to have in your baby photo book include some newborn photos and shots taken at the hospital, close-ups of their chubby little hands and feet, photos of baby sleeping peacefully, or baby’s first outing. Try to keep all the photos you think you’ll want to use for the baby photo book in one place so it will be easy to find everything once you start putting the photo book together. This could be anything from a simple folder on your desktop to a photo organiser app that will help you keep track of dates and times.  

5. Schedule regular photo shoots

Even if you’re going for a more natural and candid style of photography in your baby’s photo book, it’s a good idea to schedule at least a couple of days a month where you know you will have your camera at the ready and can focus on capturing key moments.

This is particularly important if you want to document your baby’s growth and progress over a specific period of time. As a busy parent, life often gets in the way of good intentions, so scheduling these “photo days” in advance will help you get plenty of material for your baby photo book.

6. Don’t rush yourself

Creating a photo book can be a lot of work, so be patient with yourself and take all the time you need to put your first baby photo book together. It should be a fun activity, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to finish the book by any particular deadline, and instead enjoy the process of gathering all the photos and getting creative with the editing and layout.


Looking for more ideas or advice on creating a photo book? Check out these tips for designing your first photo book or browse our bookshop to see some different styles and layouts.