How to Design Your Perfect Photo Book Cover

Shannon Osborne
1st February 2021

Sometimes the hardest bit is the final design, the cover is the first thing people see when looking at your photo book. You want to make your cover stand out and summarise what the rest of your book has to offer. A great place to get some inspiration is our Bookshop, here you can see other customers' covers and which one suits you and your photo book.

1. Keep it simple

When designing your cover it's important to have a photograph that summarises the book or is the one image you know stands out from the rest. We have a range of layouts on our bob designer software which gives you great suggestions of what to use. Having some negative white space around your cover image can give it a great minimalist theme.

2. Use Full bleed images

You can have the option to make your cover a full bleed so it stretches all over your book cover. This is an effective and stylish way to display your images, especially when making a photography portfolio or landscape photo book.

3. Images and text

A great way to make a cover for a photo book which requires a title to summarise what's inside is to have a balance between your image and text. If it's just not an option to have no text or title on your cover, choosing the right font and proportions for the text and image can be difficult. We recommend: Avenir, Lora or Century for cover titles

4. Custom designs or artwork

Some of our customers don't opt in for a photograph at all, there are lots of designers who can make personalised logos or designs for photo books. This is a nice way to not have to choose just one of your photographs and can make your book stand out from the rest. Have a look at some examples in our Bookshop.

5. Highlight an Occasion

If you are making the photo book with a special person in mind, such as a birthday milestone photo book or an anniversary photo book. Then we’ve got some extra features on our bob designer software such as our cover highlights which is a perfect way to make the title stand out. You can choose from glossy, silver or gold highlights.

If you would like to hear more about our photo book design tips we have a blog on how to choose the right paper type for you, our bestsellers and a detailed guide to get you started.