How to select the right Wall Art for every room

Marianne Stenger
21st November 2020

Bob Books wall art allows you to create custom art pieces for around the home using your own photos, drawings or paintings. We have a beautiful range of wall art from canvases and gallery mounts to framed posters that will make styling your home a breeze. But with so many options to choose from, how do you select the right types and sizes of wall art for each of the different areas around your home? Although home décor is a matter of personal taste, there are a few guidelines you can keep in mind to create a more balanced and pleasing aesthetic.


With this in mind, we’ve lined up some of our favourite tips and advice to help you select the right piece of wall art for every room in your home.

Wall art for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of calm relaxation, so the wall art you choose should complement the space with soothing colours and a minimalist design. As a general rule, try to avoid photos or pieces of art that are quite busy or colourful as these might be overstimulating. Landscapes, seascapes and nature scenes in soft pastel tones tend to work well for bedrooms, although you can never go wrong with black and white photographs. Bob Books’ simple canvases are mounted on a sturdy wooden frame and are an excellent option for minimalist bedroom wall art.

Wall art for the home office

The home office is a wonderful place to hang your own wall art as it’s an area you can fully customised to suit your individual tastes. Look for photos and artwork that inspires you, whether that means selecting a few of your favourite photographs of loved ones or creating a collage or mood board. Modern, sleek wall art tends to work well for an office, so you could consider a series of framed posters or even gallery mounts, which come ready to hang.

Wall art for the bathroom

Although the bathroom might not be the first place you’d think of displaying wall art, it can still be nice to personalise this little sanctuary in your home. Choose art or photographs that complement the colour scheme you already have in your bathroom and stick to a few small or medium-sized pieces to prevent the space from looking cluttered. Consider the placement of your wall art too, so it won’t be ruined by water or moisture. The wall above the toilet is often a good spot for your art, but any available wall space that’s not too near the bathtub or shower will work.

Wall art for the living room

Since the living room is usually the first place you bring your guests and also the place where you go to relax with family and friends, choosing the right wall art for it can be tricky. It’s a good idea to start with one larger piece and then work from there. If you’re opting for one larger piece of wall art, follow the 2/3 rule, which says that your art should be around two-thirds the size of your sofa. A well-placed mirror can also reflect the wall art and make the room feel larger.

On the other hand, if you’re finding it hard to choose, another option is to create a gallery wall so you can display multiple images together. With Bob Books’ range of framed posters, gallery mounts, canvases and foamboards, turning your photos into artwork for a gallery wall is quick and easy to do.

Wall art for the kitchen

The kitchen is another area of the home where you might not immediately think of hanging wall art. But most of us spend at least a few hours of our day cooking, eating or even just hanging out in the kitchen, so it can be nice to personalise it with photos and artwork. Fun and laid back snaps of family and friends tend to work well in the kitchen where the vibe is more casual. Any images that feature your favourite dishes, recipes or ingredients can also be a nice touch.

If you don’t have a lot of free wall space in your kitchen, you can use floating shelves, countertops and other ledges to create a mini kitchen gallery. For kitchens with limited space, it’s best to go for smaller pieces of wall art that will complement the space without overwhelming it. Bob Books’ gallery mounts are a good option for kitchens, as you can wipe them down in case of any food splatters or grease build up.

Wall art for the kids’ room

If you have a kids’ room, displaying wall art with family photos, pets or even the kids’ own artwork is a nice way to create a fun and reassuring atmosphere. Bob Books’ photographic posters are a great option for a child’s playroom or bedroom, as they’ll brighten up the space but won’t cause any damage if knocked off the wall. Posters come printed on classic, gloss photographic or fine art matte paper, and you can give our Photo Collage option a try if you’re using the Bob Designer Software to create your wall art.

Wall art for the hallway

The hallway or wall along the staircase are also nice places to hang wall art, as you’ll often have large empty stretches of wall to work with. A gallery wall looks great when placed along the length of the hallway or gradually up the wall as you climb the stairs, and you can choose a specific theme that ties it all together. For instance, your gallery wall might be travel themed, featuring your favourite photos from your trips around the world, or it could be nature-themed, with landscape photographs in colours and tones that compliment the rest of the space.

Looking for more ideas that will inspire you to create personalised wall art for around your home? Check out these ideas for displaying your family photos or have a look at our guide to Bob Books wall art so you can choose the best options for each room.