How to Self-Publish your Photo Book

Rosanna Neophytou
22nd March 2021

Bob Books is one of the only photo book companies where you can self-publish and sell your photo book either privately or publicly. 

Once you have created your photo book, using one of our creation methods, you then have the option to publish it onto our online Bookshop and if you want to sell it, adding your own author markup. 

Steps on how to publish and sell your photo book are below. 

1) Choose your creation method 

We have four different ways you can create your book. Our Bob Designer Software is our most popular with tonnes of different templates to get you started. It is easy to use especially if you are adding text to your book.  If you are a professional photographer and adept with InDesign, our PDF to Book platform allows you to create your book, logo-free. See all of our creation methods here.

2) Uploading it to our Bookshop 

Once you have created your book and sent it off to print, you will have the option to publish it on our online Bookshop. Here you have the option to publish it publicly or privately. Publicly, anyone can see it and you choose various categories for it to fall under. Privately, you will be given a unique url to send to your friends and family.

3) Make money on your book 

If you are looking to sell your book, you can add your own author mark-up to the original retail price. Simply follow the Bob Bookshop publishing steps and  click "I want to earn from my sales". Here you can add your own price which will be added on to the base price of your book. You will then be paid your author mark-up for your book sales. 

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