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Humble Beginnings: The Early Jobs of Famous Creatives

Bob Books
3rd May 2017

It’s little wonder that biographies are some of the best sellers of the book world. Our fascination with celebrities is fuelled by our desire to know what makes them so unique. Surprisingly though, origin stories of some of the world’s most renowned names are exceptionally average. From humble beginnings come great things.

For example, producer and rap sensation Kanye West’s first gig was folding clothes at Gap, legendary wordsmith Stephen King worked in an industrial laundromat, and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt waited at a seafood restaurant; before all moving onto greater things.

However, other famous people have lived more daring lives from the off, and have some interesting early jobs. Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown was a pop singer before he discovered the pen was mightier than the boombox, Artist David Bailey flew in the RAF before he took to photography, and Deer Hunter star Christopher Walken played the part of a lion tamer in the circus.

Here at Bobbooks we’ve delved into where some of our favourite celebrities came from before they made it. Check out our graphic below for all the details below on the origins of some of the biggest names in film, books, music, and art.