Introducing family photographer and lifestyle blogger Polly Geal

30th August 2017

It’s not often we get crushes on bloggers here at Bob Books, but it’s easy to see why Polly Geal, founder of This House Our Home and Little Kin Photography has become a staple in our internet browsing history.

Her blog This House Our Home focuses on living a more centred, wholesome, and more present family life, and her website reflects just this. Clean and simple, her blog is peaceful and uplifting with well-written and thoughtful articles ranging from the everyday to the more extraordinary. Polly shares her thoughts on motherhood as well as talking about our emotional wellbeing as women, how to find a rhythm with children, practising self care and posts on simple fashion and beauty.

As well as blogging, Polly runs a family and lifestyle photography business, Little Kin Photography from her home in London. Taking an unconventional approach to family portraiture her work is natural and evocative, documenting the beautiful yet ordinary moments of family life. She shoots client's in their own environments at home as well as in some of London's wilder locations where children can roam free in nature. She's also loves to document small, quirky weddings where her natural, unobtrusive style feels like the perfect fit.

We reached out to Polly who has now begun the exciting project of making a series of photo books to mark a few important years. Polly plans to create one album each year documenting family life as well as her annual family holiday. 

In her words:  ‘For the past five years I’ve been documenting our family life with my photos. Motherhood inspired and encouraged me to pick up my camera and capture the ordinary moments and entwine them with the bigger, more momentous ones. I’ve documented first smiles, first steps, first days at preschool and family holidays along the way. But beyond those milestones, I’ve endeavoured to preserve the memory of everyday motherhood; spaghetti stained cheeks, shoes on the wrong feet, bare belly buttons, favourite stories on old quilts. When I look back through my archive of those moments, big and small it’s like looking at our life through fresh eyes. So many of those day to day moments get lost and forgotten from our mind in the haze of family life, but photos are a powerful way to transport us right back to any given moment.’ 

The result is beautiful. Her first photo book, remembering 2015, is full of energy, love, quiet and beauty. Her photography style is relaxed yet composed with bursts of colour in between very simple, charming images of family life. Apart from the fact that her subjects are adorable, it is exemplary of what a family photo book should look like- like them, but enhanced. The smiles, the cuddles, the play, this photo book is an object to treasure for years to come. 

You can read the lovely review Polly wrote about her experience of creating her Bob Book here…. and make sure to look around her other posts too, we know you’ll love them.