My Bob Books - Clive Marshall

11th November 2014

365-2014 June by Clive Marshall

Photobook Type: For this series of twelve books, I used the square classic paperback format each with 34 pages. Although I was going to try and keep the images in the book in a square format, I knew there would be some used as  portrait or landscape and the square book offers the best compromise for showing both portrait and landscape format images. 

Produced with: Bob Designer Software 5.1 What was the occasion: I had completed a 365 – photo a day project three years ago and decided to do another in 2014. This time I decided to publish the images, which are based on a different daily title, each month in a book which over the year would build up into a series of twelve. The challenge is to come up with a different image each day, and as a predominantly black and white photographer I decided to work in colour throughout the series and to try and be innovative and experimental with filters and software. I didn’t have any preconceived  ideas about  what style the images would take such as abstract or still life’s, I would just see where the title and subject led me. I didn’t want to take too much time looking for subjects to fit the title but tried to go with what first occurred to me. As the images have to be taken on their respective days, there isn’t much time to do a reshoot. This is a completely different workflow for me and I have found the experience very exciting and it has certainly help me look at the things around me more. What camera did you use: I have been using three cameras to take the images, depending where I am and what the subject is, a Nikon D800, Nikon D7100 and a Nikon P7800. What is your favourite image from the book: I like most of the images in the June book, and there are a few favourites among them but for its ability to make people feel uncomfortable I particularly  like the image for 30 June. The title for that day was ‘shoot wide open’, and my immediate thought was to do a self-portrait using a standard lens set at f1.8 and focussed to a plane in front of me so blurring my features. I used the D7100 for this and its 35mm standard lens. After a few shots I realised I had the effect I wanted in terms of my face blurring, but then I had the idea of giving another impression of the title within the photograph by altering my expression. Once I had the effect I wanted I then put the image through Photoshop and Nik software to soften it a little more. People have said that they feel the image is a little unsettling. Some say that it’s because the face looks anguished or in pain, others that it looks threatening in a nightmarish sort of way and some that it reminds them of Munch’s painting The Scream. I’m just happy that people have some form of reaction to it. 

  How long did it take you to put the photobook together: The series is an ongoing work, so each day as I finish processing the image, I place it into the easy to use Bob Books software. What will your next project be: The 365-2014 project will obviously continue until the end of the year, but my photo group, S13, which has already published one set of work with Bob Books, is now working on a new book based on what the title ‘The Journey’ means to each one of us. What was good about using Bob Books: The software is easy to use and very intuitive. The choice of book formats, sizes and paper quality is really good, and the end product is of an excellent quality. I have used other book printing services and Bob Books, I feel, is the best. Would you recommend us?: I have done and will continue to do so. You can see this photobook in the Bob Books Store, where you can also buy a copy (as well as seeing the other books in Clive's series). More of Clive's work can be seen on his website, via his Flickr stream or on Twitter.  If you want to share the story of your Bob Book just drop us a line on and we’ll be in touch.