Photo of the Month - June 2020

Bob Books
3rd July 2020

Congratulations to Elliot Pordes for winning photo of the month June 2020 with his image 'Strawberry Moon'

Strawberry Moon - Elliot Pordes

"I live in a village called Markyate in Hertfordshire and knowing that this was going to appear I loaded up camera, tripod and Golden Retriever Kymie. We set off across the fields to a position I felt would be ideal to capture it as the moon rose above the horizon. I found the perfect position and waited. Slowly feeding biscuits to Kymie to keep her amused. I took about 30 shots in total across the field towards the adjoining village Flamstead. I also had to keep an eye out behind me as I could see the rain beginning to fall and heading towards us. This was the last shot I took before ginormous rain drops started falling. I grabbed the camera and the tripod, told Kymie to run and we arrived home dripping wet. But it was worth it." - Elliot Pordes


Twitter @ElliotPordes

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July's Theme is Reflection, Good Luck!