Summer Travel Series: Kat Caprice

26th August 2019

We talk to our favourite travel bloggers about what they’ve learnt from around the globe, their top travel tips, and what they planned this Summer. Read on to get to know international luxury travel blogger Kat Caprice.

Most likely to travel with: Friends, Couple

Most likely to travel to: Europe, America, Asia

Budget: Luxury 

Hi Kat! What inspired you to write about your travel experiences? How has your blog evolved over the last few years?

I am not your typical blogger and I am happy about that. I work as a global Digital Innovation Consultant for a corporate investment and incubation firm. We help companies think and act like venture capitalists through helping them build a portfolio of investable business ideas.

I love to take time off from work to travel and explore new destinations. I wanted to create a platform where I could share the beautiful parts of the world I was learning about. I started in 2015 because I was frustrated by the overuse of existing travel platforms, which were repetitive and out of date. I wanted to inspire people to travel to new places, give them real recommendations from trusted locals and also share my experiences.

Has traveling helped shape you as a person? Given you confidence? What have you learnt from other cultures and environments?

By the age of 27 I have lived across 3 continents and travelled to 45 countries. I feel that this has made me a very curious person as I love learning about new cultures and meeting new people. Growing up I attended international schools, where the turnover of friends was incredibly high as parents were typically expats. This taught me how to get to know people quickly and has given me a great network of friends to reach out to when travelling around the world.

What are your top tips for visiting a new city? Do you believe in planning?

As a curious individual, I can’t help but do some planning before I travel to a new place-especially if it is for an extended holiday! I will typically speak to friends and get their “must-see” recommendations and always ask about where the best food is! Otherwise I will refer to Instagram and browse blog posts via Pinterest.

What advice would you give someone looking to travel with friends? As opposed to with a partner or family...

When travelling with friends it’s important to accommodate for everyone’s needs and interests as much as possible! I would recommend discussing what each person’s priorities are and plan an itinerary around that. That way everyone has at least one activity they can look forward to which is in their comfort zone, and also get the opportunity to try out new activities they may have otherwise overlooked!

What’s one country you want to return to again and again and why?

Australia! I travelled there for New Years this year and absolutely fell in love with Sydney. I feel that it has so much to offer- imagine beautiful beaches where you can surf only 15 minutes drive away from the city! I also enjoyed the health conscious and fitness focused culture; 7am in Bondi and the beach is already filled with people exercising and brunching. Just great vibes overall!

What is most important to you when exploring a new place? The food? The shopping? The sites? 

I love to travel and experience cultures which are completely different to what I am accustomed to. I love the feeling of being in a new place for the first time - it almost feels like putting a puzzle together. You get a sense of a country's spirit through its people, architecture, food, art, politics...  I love going on this journey and just learning as much as possible.

Lastly, what were your summer plans? 

I traveled to Norway to explore the fjords! I have always wanted to do a hiking trip and camp out in nature, and the fjords looked like a magical place to go to. I flew into Stavanger, hired a car and drove to three major hiking trials: Kjerag, Preikestolen and Trolltunga. 

Thanks Kat! You can follow Kat's adventures over on her blog