Summer Travel Series: Vicky Flip Flop

27th August 2019

We talk to our favourite travel bloggers about what they’ve learnt from around the globe, their top travel tips, and what they planned this Summer. Read on to get to know Vicky Flip Flop, the blogger for people who want to make the most of their annual leave, and weekends.

Most likely to travel with: Friends

Most likely to travel to: Europe or Asia

Budget: Lower to mid range

Hi Vicky! What was the initial appeal of escaping the UK?

Just to see a different culture and experience life beyond the UK! I'd only ever been to France camping and a school trip to Turkey before I was 18. And then the fun began!

What were your first few trips (without family) like? 

Absolute chaos, I loved them. Girls holidays to Greece, and then the trip of a lifetime before university to New York and California with my best friend.

How has your blog evolved?

A lot! In the olden days of blogging – 8 years ago – you used to be able to just write about your adventures and have a few pictures and all would be fine. Now you need to think about SEO and your competitors and have the best photography – it's definitely a lot harder than it used to be.

And at what point did you realise you could turn your blog into a business?

After about two years of blogging I started to see my blogger friends go freelance, and I knew I could make it work as well. I was doing my full time job and then it felt like I had a whole other full time job with my blog on top. It was too much and something had to give – so I packed in my job.

What area of the world excites you the most?

Right now it's actually the Middle East. I've only been to Israel, Turkey and Egypt but within the next year I'd really like to go to Jordan and Iran.

What are your main tips for traveling with friends?

Pick them wisely! I've travelled with friends who've driven me crazy, I still love them but I wouldn't travel with them again. Make sure you're all on the same budget too as it's very easy to fall out about finances when you're in a group. 

What advice would you give to bigger groups of friends… 

Relax and choose your battles. When you're in a big group you need a few people who are happy to just sit back and go with the flow, but you do also need some leaders or else everyone will sit around saying 'I don't know, what do you want to do'. That infuriates me!

If you have an opinion, give it, and if you don't, don't moan about what gets decided.

Where would you recommend someone go if they were on a budget?

Asia. Go to Vietnam – I have loads of advice about getting the most from your Vietnam trip on my blog. Obviously you have the flight to pay for, but once that's done Vietnam is SO cheap.

Compared to a holiday they had saved for? 

Hmmm, in a group I'd recommend getting a villa in Croatia or Greece. Last year I went to Crete with 11 others and we had the most incredible villa with a pool and everything. It worked because there was enough space for everyone to have their own space, and do their own thing, but we'd all eat together at night.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to become a travel writer?

Travel and write! I think a lot of writers now get bogged down on the theory and what they 'should' be doing, rather than just travelling, having cool experiences, and writing about it. You need to practice your skill, and then start worrying about all the pitching and other aspects.

Lastly, what were your summer plans? 

I went to Canada, Wales and then Samos in Greece at the end of the summer. Exciting!

Thanks Vicky! You can follow Vicky's adventures over on her blog