Top 10 Bestsellers by Bob Books

Marianne Stenger
6th September 2020

Wondering what to do with your backlog of photos? Selecting your best images and turning them into a gorgeous hardcover photo book is a wonderful way to preserve your family memories or simply get more enjoyment from your everyday snapshots.

In addition to the professional-quality photo books that Bob Books is so well-known for, we have a variety of other products for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. But which ones are the most popular? To provide an insight into some of the products that our customers just can’t get enough of, we’re taking a closer look at the top ten Bob Books bestsellers.

1. Lustre photographic  

Bob Books lustre photographic photo books remain one of our most popular products, and for good reason. Our lustre photographic paper combines vivid colours and sharp detail with a soft, textured finish and 300 gsm paperweight. This makes it an ideal choice for coffee table photo books featuring everything from your travel adventures and family snaps to wedding photography.

2. Matte photographic 

Popular among professional photographers and other creatives looking to showcase their work, our matte photographic photo books have a softer matte finish, which prevents glare and mutes colours. With lay flat binding and 300 gsm paperweight, our matte photographic photo books are perfect for showcasing black and white photographs, portraits and wedding photography.

3. Matte paper hardback

Next in line are the Bob Books matte paper hardbacks. Like matte photographic paper, this paper type has a subtle sheen that reduces light glare, but is only available for hardback photo books. At 170 gsm, our matte paper hardbacks are less weighty and have an artistic quality to them. They’re often used by artists and photographers for portfolios, black and white photography, and other styles where overly vibrant colours might be distracting.

4. Gloss photographic

Our gloss photographic photo books are a favourite among wildlife, travel and landscape photographers who want to emphasise detail and colours in their images. Bob Books gloss photographic paper has a high-shine, professional finish as well as 300 gsm paperweight and lay flat binding, which makes it ideal for double page spreads.

5. Classic paper hardback

The classic paper hardback is still one of Bob Books’ most popular products. Our classic paper is extremely versatile with a beautiful satin finish and 200 gsm paperweight. When combined with a hardback cover, this paper’s subtle look and higher level of readability makes it an excellent choice for family albums and just about any type of photobook where text plays an important role, including brochures, professional portfolios and cookbooks.

6. Gallery Art

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as adorning your walls with your own works of art, so it’s no surprise that Bob Books Gallery Art would find its way onto this list of bestsellers. With our premium gallery mounts, your images will be UV printed under acrylic glass to bring out the clarity and colours in each photograph. Gallery mounts also come with sturdy aluminium backing and a hanging set pre-attached, which makes them super easy to install in your gallery, workplace or at home.

7. QR Video Storage

With the Bob Designer software you can also add video footage to your photo books, and this unique feature has proven very popular for everything from family travel albums and baby photo books to professional portfolios. In order to add your videos, you can simply upload the video clip and let our software generate a QR code that can be scanned and played on any smartphone or tablet.

8. Gift boxes

When giving away a photo book as a gift on a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, our customers love ordering our gorgeous presentation boxes. Bob Books presentation boxes are covered with elegant black linen fabric and have dual magnetic closure along with a red ribbon open tab that will make your photo book gift stand out even more.

9. Highlights

Highlights are another popular add on feature for Bob Books photo books. Adding gold, silver or gloss highlights to your hardback photo book’s cover is a wonderful way to add some shine and customise your book even further. This feature is particularly suited to wedding photo books, but can be used to add a professional and sleek finish to just about any type of photo book.

10. Photo cards

Bob Books beautifully customisable photo cards have always been popular as birthday cards, invitations, Christmas cards and thank you cards. These greeting cards are printed on classic or gloss paper and come in a variety of sizes. Since they can be fully personalised with your own photos and text. Gloss, the only limit is your own imagination.

Ready to get started on your first photo book or discover new and creative ways to use your photos? Check out these 50 ideas for your next photobook or have a look at our selection of products to see how you can transform your everyday photos into a work of art.