Top 10 Ideas for Family Photobooks

Marianne Stenger
2nd November 2019

Despite the fact that we take thousands of photos each year, very few of them ever end up being displayed in photo albums and on our walls. With this in mind, designing and printing your own series of photo books is a great way to enjoy your photos to the fullest.

Family photo books are especially precious because they give you a way to record your highlights, celebrate important moments in your life, and most importantly, look back fondly years later when the kids have grown up or your circumstances have changed.

So if you want to start creating your own family photo books each year, here are some creative ideas for putting your photos to good use.

1. Create a milestones photo book for each child

Making a milestones photo book for each child is a great way to ensure all the important moments in their lives are well documented and provide them with something to look back on when they’re older. You could make one photo book with photos of all the special occasions and accomplishments in their life so far or create a new milestones photo book each year.

Look for photos that remind you of meaningful moments such as a child’s first word, a meal they helped you cook, their first day of school, a competition they took part in, or a graduation day.

2. Make a family tree or memory book

A family tree or memory book can be a fun way to teach your kids about where they come from and help them understand the idea of extended family. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, going back just one or two generations, or tracing your ancestry as far back as you can. The photo book can include everything from old family photos to scans of newspaper articles, marriage certificates, and handwritten letters, as well as captions with fun facts or anecdotes. 

3. Put together a family cookbook

A family cookbook is not only a lot of fun to make and flip through, but can also help your kids become more at ease in the kitchen by mastering some basic recipes from an early age. In addition to favourite family recipes that have been passed down for generations, your family cookbook can include any photos you might have of you and your kids, or even your parents and grandparents shopping, cooking and enjoying food together. Find out some more tips about self publishing your cookbook with us today on our latest blog. 

4. Compile your child’s best artwork

If you’ve accumulated a lot of artwork and crafts projects from your child’s many school projects and rainy day painting at home, why not choose some of their best work and turn it into a photo book? This can help you declutter your home while still honouring your child’s artistic endeavours. Crafts projects can be photographed and paintings or drawings can be scanned in for inclusion.

5. Make a year in review photo book

A year in review photo book is a great way to look back on the past year and document all the fun and important things that happened, whether you moved houses, got a new pet, started a vegetable garden, or took up a new hobby. Make sure you include descriptive captions with dates and explanations that will remind you of the story behind the photo years down the line. If you'd like some more tips on starting your own yearbook, head over to our blog. 

6. Design seasonal photo books

If you’ve taken so many photos over the past year that you feel you can’t narrow your favourites down to just one photo book, you can also create seasonal photo books with some highlights from different times of the year. For example, a summer photo book might include a lot of holiday snapshots, whereas a winter photo book would probably be more Christmas-oriented.

7. Commemorate your family holiday

If you went on a memorable family holiday abroad or even some other part of the country, you probably ended up with more photos than you know what to do with. So why not compile all these travel photos into one photo book that commemorates the adventure you had together. Try to put the photos in chronological order, starting with a photo of you heading to the airport and finishing up with a photo of everyone looking tanned, tired and happy the day before heading home.

8. Celebrate your furry friend

Our pets are just as much a part of the family as our other loved ones, so why not celebrate them and all the joy they bring to our lives with a pet photo book? If you need some tips on posing your pets and capturing them in their best light, check out these expert tips for taking better photos of your cats and dogs. 

9. Make a sibling photo book

There is no bond quite like that between siblings, so why not create a photo book to document all the fun moments they have together on a daily basis? Taking photos of them as they play, read and interact can also be a fun way to track how quickly your kids are growing, changing, and forming their own personalities.

10. Document everyday moments

Although it’s important to celebrate the big moments in our lives such as weddings, birthdays and graduations, there are plenty of everyday moments that are worth documenting and will be meaningful to look back on years later. So if you have a lot of everyday photos of non-specific events such as brushing teeth before bed or playing a board game on a rainy afternoon, why not compile these into an “everyday moments” photo book? You can include quotes or poems about family, or just let the photos speak for themselves.

If you'd like to know about how to get started with your family photo book head over to our beginner's guide to our Bob Designer Software, you can add videos, cover highlights or even a presentation box.