Top 8 Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Bob Books
1st February 2019

They say a photo is worth A Thousand Words. And they often are. With Instagram being the most popular image-led social media platform, there are many influential users whose images are worth more than a A Thousand words. The trick is to be able to sort through the billions of daily images that are published to find the best images. 

If you are looking for inspiration, ideas for your channel or simply beautiful striking images, here are a few accounts that will do the trick.

Dirk Bakker

Known as @macenzo on Instagram, Dirk Bakker is a graphic designer and mobile photographer from Amsterdam with an eye for architectural patterns. He creates unique compositions with a focus on patterns, textures, lines and shadow play. Dirk has a background in graphic design, which is what made him interested in “the lines of the city”, which can be found in the beautiful abstract patterns found in architecture or even a simple piece of pavement.

So if you are looking for some architectural ideas make sure you follow him on Instagram and See My City

Vivienne Mok

Vivienne Mok is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Paris and Switzerland. She has a background in fashion and styling, but she has no training in photography and is self-taught. An important aspect of her photography is the use of natural light to create the dream feeling that is depicted in her work. Her photographs are a way for her to express herself, find beauty and create her own world.

If you are thinking of plunging head first into the world of epherial, romantic and dream-like photos her Instagram channel is full of inspiration to get you started.

Mike Kus

Mike is a UK based graphic and web designer and illustrator. He was one of the first graphic designers to start using Instagram and his channel now has over 500,000 followers. His camera of choice is none other than his iPhone, which he also uses to edit the photographs that he takes. His images range from beautiful landscape photos of his local area, amazing beaches or country scenes, to amazing and interesting historical buildings.

Don’t miss out on some stunning landscape photography on his Instagram channel and if you are interested in his graphic design work, you can see it on his website.

Jane Samuels

Jane is a Mancunian artist, photographer and teacher. She studied fine art for her degree and masters, and during that time focused on drawing and photography.  Her work is based in Psychogeography, and she has been involved in festivals and exhibitions in the UK and abroad that celebrate and explore urban space and the human place in it. Her landscape photography has grown out of an interest in rural applications of psychogeography (usually an urban practice), and social media has played a large role in her exposure. These landscapes are hyper real, saturated and free of people, but human activity has shaped all of them.
On instagram, followers generally respond to the visceral beauty of those places, rather than why they were taken however, her social media exposure has lead to creative partnerships, and in 2018 Jane was a photography judge for the ADC industry awards, for New York Creative Week. Find out more about her photography here.

Sangeeta Dey

Sangeeta Dey is a California based pediatric neuropsychologist as well as a landscape photographer- talk about variety. Her work has been published extensively in prestigious magazines including National Geographic and she has been named amongst one of the top 101 International Landscape Photographers.

For Sangeeta, photography is not just about clicking away but it is mainly about how she can use it as a means to communicate her emotions, imagination and experiences.  She loves being out in nature, and her experiences in the wild are importantly related to how people's perspective change. Her instagram channel has some incredile images that should help your creativity flow if you are stuck.

Sam Horine

Sam Horine is a professional photographer and educator based in New York City. His Instagram channel has been voted “Best in NYC” by the Village Voice, and for good reason!  Sam uses his improvised style and local knowledge of New York to show his Instagram followers a side of the city that they have not seen before.

But instagram is also a very important platform that has changed a lot of him. His main advice? Create original content, “The keys to success are creating great content and being a productive member of the community – go out there and make photos that no-one else is making and meet the people that inspire you.” If you are looking to see another side of New York, make sure to look at his Instagram for a different perspective on the Big Apple. 

Ingrid Irsigler

Ingrid Alice is a creative fashion and beauty photographer & director from South Africa, who is inspired by great adventure, art, literature and poetry weaving enchanted stories into her work. Her distinct visionary style of colourful, bold storytelling and whimsical imagery has appeared on magazine covers, editorials and campaigns for clients globally.

Ingrid is passionate about creating an international platform for African talent and show-casing diversity in fashion. Her work has been published across the African continent, New York, London, Europe and Asia. Looking for some amazing fashion inspiration? Don't forget to take a look at her amazing Instagram Channel for more.

Christine Kenyon

Christine Kenyon is an international award winning photographer based in Utah. Born and raised in the Washington DC area, her father Lowell Anson Kenyon, was the Chief of the Office of Photography for the Smithsonian Institution. She grew up shooting on black and white film, and pulled many prints in her father’s darkroom. She has shown in numerous galleries in Washington DC, and last year Christine was selected by Nikon as one of "100 up and coming photographers" to follow. She will present at the first annual Nightscaper Conference in Moab, Utah in May and was recently named a finalist in the Milky Way Chaser of the Year competition.
With her two labrador retrievers, and her Nikon, Christine travels the backroads of the west in search of images that capture the spirit of America and its magnificent beauty. Discover all the marvelous backroads that Christine has discovered and documented on her Instagram channel.