Wedding traditions from around the world to put a smile on your face

25th April 2018

Here at Bob Books we have truly caught wedding fever. With the Royal nuptials just weeks away, and our big Royal Wedding giveaway in full swing, we have only one thing on the brain.

And what better way to feed our endless appetite for all things wedding than to take a look at different traditions from around the globe. Marriage ceremonies take on a diverse range of customs, varying from continent to continent, and we loved learning about all the different ways people celebrate getting hitched!

Here is a round up of our favourites, were any or all of them a surprise to you?


While in the west we associate wedding celebrations with joy and a great big smile, Congolese brides and grooms must refrain for smiling or laughing throughout the entire ceremony and reception. This is to indicate that they understand the severity of the commitment and prove that they take marriage as seriously as a funeral.


In a totally refreshing outlook, brides are encouraged to gain as much weight as possible before their big day in Mauritius. The more full figured the bride, the more fertile and appealing she is considered. Being over-fed is also a sign of wealth and prosperity as she shows off her full stomach and large appetite.


In Greece, the groom’s best man is transformed into barber and is expected to shave the groom on the day. This is supposed to bring him luck and also demonstrate the trust between the men.



As is common in lots of cultures, guests at Cuban weddings are encouraged to pin money to the brides’ dress. In this case it’s when the male guests dance with the bride.


Women of the Tujia people in China practice something truly remarkable. A month in advance of their wedding, brides begin crying for one hour every single day. After ten days the mother joins in and after another 10 days the grandma joins the party. By the end of the month, every female family member cries along in an expression of joy and anticipation. It’s suggested that the harmony of this will also create a beautiful sound.


We love this Swedish tradition. The male guests are free to steal kisses from the bride whenever tth groom leaves the room! And vice versa, the ladies are also expected to pucker up for the groom whenever the bride exits.