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What made Birmingham Photobook Month with Steve Gerrard great

16th September 2011

Birmingham, on Tuesday night, was the half way point of our Photobook Month tour and we were calling at the studio of acclaimed ‘people’ photographer, Steve Gerrard.

Steve’s experience is, quite frankly, staggering. He’s been a super star DJ and toured the world before refinding his love for photography, taking a lot of pictures as he travelled. And that's just the start.

Now he’s the go-to guy in Birmingham if what you’re looking for from your weddings, portraits and music commissions is a style uniquely Steve’s own. To that end, we were on for a good night. And here’s why it didn’t disappoint.

Steve’s studio

Steve’s studio is right in the heart of the Custard Factory, arguably Birmingham’s creative centre, overlooking a centre pond that, bizarrely, gets drained to play host to concerts by Amy Winehouse, Tinie Tempah and many others. It’s a fun place full of Steve’s many images of couples and bands.

The audience

What an audience. They had so many questions. We were joined by some Twitterers (@dhwphotography @capaldi_photo @photomattbrown @sampommells) and some fantastic non-Twitterers. They enjoyed seeing the books and hearing Steve’s talk, soaking up information as the evening went on. Great stuff.


There was no shortage of this – and most of it came from Steve. He opted for a really great intro to him and his experience followed by a brilliant – and eclectic – slideshow sound tracked by The Gaslight Anthem (?). Steve was met with a barrage of – mainly technical – questions about how he shoots weddings and bands, including some great tips for engaging children. But we’ll keep those a secret for those that came along!


The feedback we received from our audience was phenomenal, offering superb requests for Bob Book Designer 2.0 software updates, which we’re taking back to the product department. Who knows some suggestions may make into a future version of the software.

Rock ‘n’ roll stories

OK, I admit, this was mainly my interest. Do you know that Steve Gerrard saw Nirvana play five times? He’s also photographed a ton of other world famous bands – and the pictures, he says, may well turn up in his next photobook. Wonderful. Thanks Steve!