World Photobook Day 2014

25th September 2014

October 14th will be the second quasi-official ‘World Photobook Day’. One of the organisers, Matt Johnson of tells us about what inspired him to work on this project. World Photobook Day is a day in which photobook enthusiasts, makers, readers and authors will come together to celebrate a medium that Markus Schaden describes as being the ‘central form of expression in photography’.  While definitions and demarkations of territories in relation to artists' books, photobooks and books of photography still exist and serve a purpose we really hope that the celebration can be as open and inclusive as possible with a variety of events and offers taking place. 

 For almost 4 full years now I have worked to create a space and platform for discussion around the photobook in its various formats. The Photobook Club has always strived to promote engagement with book works from round table discussion and book club style events that are now held in over 50 cities worldwide, to the publication of particular, and often hard to access works. World Photobook Day is both an extension of this mission but also a collaboration with perhaps the most active branch of the Photobook Club in Madrid which has at its helm Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa, Juan Cires and Ricardo Garrido.  So… there are a number of ways to get involved with the Photobook Club and with World Photobook Day but we are also really interested to hear of other events and initiatives that have been set up so feel free to send through an email so that we can publicise the activity on the website! 

  • Post a #PhotoBookDaySelfie on social media: an image with you and your current favourite photobook - this might be one you have made yourself or the latest to arrive on your doormat.
  • Discuss your love of photobooks via the twitter hashtag #PhotoBookDay
  • Donate a self-published photobook or photozine to your nearest public library or school library. Where we can we will publish a list of public libraries accepting donations this day.
  • Buy a photobook. Many bookshops and publishers will make special discounts for the day. We’ll publish a list of them.
  • Check our map and locate your nearest activities and participate!

For more information and a schedule of events, visit

Bob Books will be marking World Photobook Day, and will be publicising events that are being organised. Check our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date with what's planned.